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iPhone : Tom Haynes Yes. And the ceremony described by Christopher Steele is out of this world with Trump and 2 Russian prostitutes forming a triangle & peeing on each other & jumping on a bed Obama slept before. Any movie on Trump should include that & the Stormy Daniel bare butt spanking incident.

iPhone : Kim - the HokieBrat It is inconceivable that he did not contract VD given his promiscuous lifestyle, unprotected sex, prostitutes including Russians, sex orgies with children at his pedophile friends (Casablanca, Epstein, George Nader, Arif .etc)

Twitter for iPad : I am not implying he got it from Stormy, just pointing out he engages in unprotected sex. This means he probably contracted VD’s having sex with escorts, orgies at Epstein’s .etc. Maybe he contracted it during the Golden shower pee ceremony with Russian prostitutes in Moscow.

Twitter for iPad : Some wonder how germaphobic Trump can get syphilis. But Stormy Daniels told 60 minutes they had unprotected sex, after he obeyed her order to undress & turnaround & she spanked his bare butt repeatedly with TRUMP Magazine.… via The Daily Beast

Twitter for iPad : German Foreign Minister traveled to Iran this week as part of a European effort to save the nuclear deal Donald Trump is recklessly trying to destroy…

Twitter for iPad : Ever since Dr. Steven Beutler published an article titled β€œA Medical Theory for Donald Trump’s Bizarre Behavior” in the New Republic, many suspect Trump's erratic and at times totally bizarre behaviors may be due to an untreated case of syphilis. .…

Twitter for iPad : Tom Haynes Jerry Falwell Correct, they have β€œcompromat” on him just like Vladimir Putin has β€œcompromat” on Trump (the golden shower pee tapes, probably much worse )