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Twitter Web App : patch Marcus Blättermann 🍃 Good q! Responded. In short: desired posting schedule in spots like IG often outpaces many companies’ ability to make on-brand imagery. Type is a nice stopgap to post words or to brand sourced images.

Twitter Web App : Marcus Blättermann 🍃 Color is an important part of it, but for anchoring, it requires a LOT of exposure to brand a color. Graphics and images matter, but many companies don’t have resources to execute on photography, illustration, and iconography as frequently as they need new assets.

Twitter Web App : On my grumpy days, I think it’s this sprawl that makes it nearly impossible for companies—even ones with talent, time, and resources—to maintain a high aesthetic bar. Props to the ones who do. Scale and visual beauty have a hard time getting along.

Twitter Web App : Especially painful bc a significant amount of a brand’s visual identity is now dependent on typography—brands have so many touchpoints with such disparate applications and a wide divergence in the experience of people using it, that anchoring viz id in type is the only sure shot.

Twitter Web App : Almost all my clients use G Suite, and one huge pain point in visual identity projects is the inability to provide my clients their brand typefaces in the place where they communicate the most. I get why it’s this way, but it’s still bummertown.

Twitter Web App : Oh! There’s an early version of Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart buried in the deluxe edition of Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage. Instrumental, so none of that off-the-cuff Stevie magic in the YT vid, but perfect if you want to loop it for that riff.…

Twitter Web App : And before that I made this Fall playlist of moody, jazzy deep listening type of stuff. Really nice at night.…

Twitter Web App : Yearly tradition: I put together a fall playlist of folky stuff. Perfect for this 55ºF NYC autumn day.…

Twitter Web App : Heyo. Gonna collect my music links and stuff in this toot thread so it all sticks together.

Twitter Web App : Hello! Here are some other places to find me.
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