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Bio Another designer in Brooklyn. I delete tweets because it feels good.
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Android : thinking of becoming a celebrity who spends all day posting relatable tweets about anxiety from my mansion and eventually pivoting to offering my bird brained political opinions and posting when did we become so polarized? when everyone tells me to shut the fuck up

Android : Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he is against reparations for slavery in part because it would be hard to know whom to pay.

No one currently alive was responsible for that.

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Android : Netflix browsing: Anybody else move their mouse around the edges like youre playing Frogger, afraid to wake The Trailer? 👹

SimpliBuzz : Is there such a thing as too much? The DECO Invent Company doesnt think so……We are excited to launch our DECO Hot/Cold Portable Cup in a few days. Youll want to keep informed. Time to celebrate!

AgoraPulse Manager : Nicolas Capello Hi there :) Thanks for reaching out. If you have a project that has data in the Collection manager, then you can only select the CMS (or higher) site plan. If you do not need the CMS site plan, then remove all the CMS data first, then sign up for the basic plan. Hope this helps

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Twitter Web Client : 3D prototype; cpu test to remember (the joy of) 3D rotation

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