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Bio Wingsuit Pilot, World Wingsuit speed record, UK, European Altitude record holder, love flight in all its forms. Passionate about Aviation. All images copyright
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Twitter Web App : Landing is as normal under parachute, same flare same approach just a carbon fibre wing and jets on back.…

Twitter Web App : Scott Bateman Yes they all fly with a main and reserve canopy, using normal skydive setup bar the deployment which is initiated by sprung loaded pilot chute as they cannot hand deploy due to wing size.

Twitter Web App : Worth a quick watch the link for some beautiful flying and daring to imagine what if.…

Twitter Web App : УРАЛЬСКИЕ АВИАЛИНИИ) 's Twitter Profile">УРАЛЬСКИЕ АВИАЛИНИИ Captain Damir Yusupov with co-pilot Gregory Murzin #U6178 landed without chassis and with full tanks of fuel into a cornfield, saving everyone aboard of A321 УРАЛЬСКИЕ АВИАЛИНИИ) 's Twitter Profile">УРАЛЬСКИЕ АВИАЛИНИИ

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Twitter Web App : Sean Para Gear If you fly behind and above you can hit the burble. However you avoid these areas, as you do in all formation flight with wingsuits by assessing where the wind shadow lies. As for wing tip vortices very similar, i flew with a king air 90 a few years back and just kept clear.

Twitter Web App : Aircraft and wingsuit relative flying, always fun just stay clear of the prop, fuselage and control surfaces :)…