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iPhone : We are all Greta.

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iPhone : PLEASE UNDERSTAND that Trump and Giuliani have been shaking down Ukraine illegally and (for Trump) impeachably for years: first to get Ukraine to drop its Manafort investigation; then to get it to give new dirt on Clinton; then to get it to give dirt on Biden. It's a CRIME SPREE.

iPhone : Watching MSNBC and our news agencies are failing us, they are equating the serious allegations made by a whistle blower, with unsubstantiated McCarthy like accusations by Trump aimed at smearing Biden.

iPhone : And “if his problems in the state bleed over to #Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which collectively account for 30 electoral votes, it could well doom his chances.”……

iPhone : Brazil's Cerrado, one of the world’s most biodiverse regions. Half the size of the Amazon, it’s 50% deforested.
Of 11,000 plant species, nearly half are found nowhere else in earth, & it’s being destroyed, causing a significant climate impact.

iPhone : Between their sick and twisted affinity for firearms, their diabolical determination to destroy healthcare, their denial of climate change and their utter indifference to the plight of the environment, I think it would be completely fair to say that the GOP is the Party of death.

iPhone : A few things we know about this race:
✅ Independent polling shows me just 1 point behind Mitch McConnell
✅ He’s got dirty special interests on his side—ready to help his campaign as they always have
✅ I’ve got you.

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