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Bio animal crossing is my soul. i also knit & run @squidwest πŸ¦‘ bi, she/her πŸ’œ @plantarmy 🌱 @waveridersteam 🌊 @QueerWomenGame 🌈
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Twitter Web App : October Knick πŸŽƒ there's a maximum amount of time you can defer government loans for, i think it's only 2 years, yeah. but have you applied for income-based repayment? your "payments" might be $0, that's what mine were when i was dirt poor. they counted as payments though!

Twitter Web App : so uh... how easy is it to switch a minecraft server over to another host? because i'm having issue after issue after issue with my server and it's so annoying. the host keeps admitting it's their fault, but. doesn't stop the fact that the server is fucked up.

Android : Saying you're single
β€’ sobering
β€’ gets you sad looks at parties
β€’ invites relatives to murmur β€˜you'll find someoneβ€˜ for ever

Saying β€˜I stand aloneβ€˜
β€’ mysterious
β€’ confident
β€’ puts you on the same level as ThΓ©oden King

Twitter Web App : i wasn't going to get disney+ but apparently zenon: girl of the 21st century is going to be on it, so... whose disney+ account can i use just to watch that stupid movie a million more times?