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Android : Tomorrow is about if you want to leave the eu vote Brexit party.
If you want to remain in the eu vote change UK. You know what you have to do.

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Android : Tomorrow is about voting for freedom. Our freedom our childrens freedom and a freedom that lets the British people choice what they want as law not brussels. You know what you have to do

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Android : T May is staying on working hard on the eu elections tonight she says. Tonight she has just handed the Brexit oarty 3% more of the vote and 2 more seats.

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Android : We have to get permission from the European Commission to bail out and keep British Steel alive.

Under EU rules, Britain cannot take that decision without their approval.

Think on that.

Android : BREAKING:
Missiles fired at #Russian Kheimim airbase in #Syria amid massive militant offensive โ€“ MoD

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Android : MUST WATCH | Nigel Farage makes Vince Cable squirm over the EUs ridiculous control of British industrial policy and forces him to admit he had to seek EU approval on state aid.

Support us at

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Android : I gave 7 years of my career to UKIP, though now I regret the current bizarre direction of the leadership. But itโ€™s polling in single figures, unlikely to win a single seat. So a UKIP vote is a wasted vote. Time now for all Leavers to row in behind The Brexit Party.