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iPhone : Nicki Minaj ft. Cardi B - To Freedom QUEEN iamcardib

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iPhone : I can’t wait to be sat on my Fenty couch in my Fenty house watching my Fenty tv whilst browsing the Fenty internet for Fenty clothes on my Fenty laptop which I bought from the Fenty store when I was on holiday on Fenty island with my Fenty family…

iPhone : Person: Frank Ocean’s music is so boring, you can’t even dance to it

Me, an intellectual:

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iPhone : Fall in line

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iPhone : Question: do you think dogs know when a human is a “baby” the same way we know when a dog is a “puppy”? Like I treat puppies more delicately, so do dogs know to treat babies delicately??

iPhone : When I put out into the universe that I want cute guys to slide into my DMs with something more than a “hey” or “sup”, this is not what I meant