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iPhone : So masa standard 2 i was like the science nerd dude, so i brought my thermometer just to show off to my friends but somehow I accidentally broke my thermometer that contains mercury in the class. Until now that class contains mercury shitz that hasn’t been neutralise.…

iPhone : I’m really sad on how fucked up the world is, instead of stopping the fight everybody just take out their phones and laugh at it.…

iPhone : Me everytime bila sampai kelantan

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iPhone : Tyraβ„’ If orang Malaysia. Mesti tahu rukun negara kita yang kedua
β€œKesetiaan kepada raja dan negara”

Kalau tak boleh apply boleh dropkan ic biru anda.

I respect your opinion but i dont support it.

iPhone : I guess the elite idiot should be ban from Malaysia

Rukun Negara
Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara


iPhone : I know everyone’s complaining abt the cameras and logo in the centre but damn i cant even afford it.…