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Twitter Web App : In 2017, an army memo said Hytera radios were being used for SF training since the brain was β€œextensively used by Islamic State”

The Ford Drum Army Base acquired $30K worth of Hikvision cameras in June 2018.

Did they buy the equipments for research purposes or pure stupid? πŸ€”

Twitter Web App : Police Depts in states including MA, CO, TN are also relying on Hikvision cameras. The Memphis PD alone has 1,500.

The US State Dept bought more than $20,000- worth of Hytera radio parts for the US embassy in Guatemala, after the NDAA was passed.

Twitter Web App : Banned China-Made Surveillance Tech Still Operational At Sensitive US Bases 🀬

Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Spent $112,000 on Hikvision cameras in 2016.

A US Navy research base in FL bought $4,000 of HV cameras even after NDAA passed last year πŸ˜’…

Twitter Web App : I do think we have bigger problems than plastic straws, Pres. Trump says. You have a little straw. But what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else that are much bigger, and theyre made of the same material?

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