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iPhone : Lisa Mei Crowley Great suggestion- bet he claim the 5th 🤡☠️

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iPhone : "Schiff should be a witness. He claimed a year ago that he had evidence of collusion. Direct evidence. Since Mueller couldn’t find it, instead of holding a hearing, [Schiff] should be testifying about it."

Giuliani: I’d Like to Put Schiff 'Under Oath'

iPhone : #UPDATE
New details of Sunday's rocket attack by #Iran-backed militias that landed near the U.S. Embassy in the heavily-fortified Green Zone of Baghdad, Iraq.…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump I think you must destroy both #Biden and #Bernie ASAP - the rest of the #Democrats are pathetic and will kill themselves #2020Election cc Donald Trump Jr. Brad Parscale Rep. Jim Jordan) 's Twitter Profile">Rep. Jim Jordan Mark Meadows Ronna McDaniel Rep. Jim Jordan) 's Twitter Profile">Rep. Jim Jordan Tom Fitton Lara Trump Kimberly Guilfoyle 🇺🇸🙏🏼

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iPhone : Declass is right around the corner.

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iPhone : You will soon see every world power have it’s “Trump moment”. Italy, Australia and Brazil had theirs. Soon the UK will follow. Soon followed by France, Canada, Germany, Spain, etc.

Trump represents the war on globalism. Right now, we are winning.…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Biden & Kerrys sons created Rosemont Capital, which laundered foreign money on behalf of their fathers corrupt foreign deals. $1billion+ was laundered from the Bank of China within 10 days of Biden bringing his son, Hunter, to meet w/ Chinese officials.

#DrainTheSwamp #QAnon

iPhone : Ecuador hands over Julian Assange's belongings to US……

@potus WRWY


iPhone : [Fake News] is coordinated, weaponized propaganda based on group psychology that incorporates the teachings of Bernays, Goebbels, Huxley Bros, & others. [Tavistock Institute of Human Relations] located in UK is the nerve-center of cabal global psychological manipulation #QAnon…

iPhone : #QAnon

And we thought it was the algorithms...Facebook Singled Out Candace Owens for Scrutiny, Potential Ban, Internal Document Indicates… via @epochtimes