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Twitter Web App : Ever since he was appointed Attorney General and demonstrated that his loyalty is to Donald Trump and not the interests of justice, I have warned:

When it comes to the rule of law, Bill Barr is the second most dangerous man in the country.…

Twitter Web App : Matt Gaetz falsely claims that Obama should have been impeached for withholding Ukraine aid. (Obama never withheld Ukraine aid).

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Twitter Web App : This marks the first time Trump went after an underage girl without Jeffrey Epstein’s help.…

Twitter Web App : Lindsey Graham Less than two years ago you cosponsored the permanent authorization of Section 702 of FISA, which allows the "incidental" collection of massive amounts of information on American citizens without a warrant.

Fuck you.

Twitter Web App : The Reimann family announced it's donating more than $5.5 million to Claims Conference, an organization that provides compensation payments to Holocaust survivors.

Twitter Web App : Feere previously worked at the Center for Immigration Studies — an anti-immigrant think tank with a history of associating with white nationalists. Now he's working with Miller to implement hardline immigration policies at ICE.

Twitter Web App : ICYMI: Emails we obtained from ICE show a close relationship between White House Advisor Stephen Miller and senior ICE official Jon Feere, who seems to be Miller's inside man at the agency:…

Twitter Web App : "Allowing this obstruction to stand unchallenged would put the president above the law and permanently damage Congress’ ability to investigate misconduct by presidents of either party."…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump There was a clear abuse of power by Donald Trump and his administration to pressure Ukraine, through Rudy Giuliani and his Ambassadors, to announce public investigations into Democrats, Joe Biden to influence the 2020 election. Military aid was a cloud over all conversations

Twitter Web App : Hoodlum 🇺🇸 😳Holy shit! If anyone wants to know what a self-indulgent, Adderall snorting, panicking asshole looks like, this would be it.
Reacting this way by posting over 80 tweets by mid-morning, is not normal.

Twitter Web App : Being a jealous asshole is not a good look- esp when you're the president of the United States.…