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Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Senate Republicans blocked not one but two election security bills today that would have provided funding for states to shore up election security and created more transparency around online advertisements.

Why would the GOP Be against this?

Twitter Web App : Hogan Trying to defend the use of the word “lynching”

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Twitter Web App : This week, President Trump has:

Called the Constitutional ban on profiting off the presidency “phony”

Given blanket defiance of lawful subpoenas

Stood by his shakedown of a foreign power as “perfect”

He insists he is above the law. We are following the facts. #TruthExposed

Twitter Web App : Teens ages 15-19 are at the greatest risk of injury around trains and railroad tracks. Let’s make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Twitter Web App : Trump's Error-filled Cabinet Meeting - #TrumpIsAMoron…

Twitter Web App : Trump's Chief of Staff admitted military aid was withheld from an ally to get their help with an investigation, which could help Trump politically.

When challenged with this quid pro quo, Mulvaney said it happens all the time.

"Get over it," he said.


Twitter Web App : Sen. Amy Klobuchar released evidence that the Justice Department buried the whistleblower complaint about President Donald Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president by failing to refer the matter to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).…

Twitter Web App : Pelosi’s “fact sheet” on impeachment is remarkably well done. This is a great way to break it down to the American people.

Twitter Web App : People really shouldn’t be surprised that the man who took out a full page newspaper ad demanding that the Central Park Five be executed is the same man comparing his own impeachment to lynching.

It’s who he is.

Twitter Web App : THREAD:

Here’s the full opening statement for those of you who can’t access the site. It’s long, but I urge you to read it.

It’s all very impeachable.