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Twitter Web Client : This remains a funny Jeopardy moment:

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Twitter Web Client : Heres Lula on the attempt by Trump, Bolton, Elliott Abrams & CIA to again interfere in the internal affairs of a Latin American country - this time Venezuela - to impose the leaders they prefer. This obviously is part of a long, ugly, bloody history by the US on that continent:

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Twitter Web Client : And the Brazilian judiciary still owes an explanation why they spent all of 2018 barring us and others from interviewing Lula during the election - even when the most dangerous drug lords can be interviewed in prison - and now are suddenly authorizing this with the election over.

Twitter Web Client : Brazil is the world's fifth most-populous country, with vast oil reserves & the planet's most vital environmental asset - the Amazon - now under threat. Lots of valid critiques of Lula - which I asked him a lot about - but we fought for a year to interview him & it was worth it.

Twitter Web Client : Whatever one's view of him, Lula is a giant on the world stage. He left office with 86% approval. From a background of extreme deprivation, he lifted millions out of poverty. He's one of the few to use leftism to defeat neoliberalism & right-wing extremism. Well worth hearing:…

Twitter Web Client : On jeremy scahill's podcast, I discussed the key parts of my prison interview with Lula, emphasizing his international analysis, as well as the general situation in Brazil under Bolsonaro, the work of my husband and his left-wing party in Congress, & our work as journalists:…

Android : “It doesn’t matter what you think of any of these individual whistleblowers,” writes jeremy scahill. “But it does matter that we all recognize that this is an attack on our basic rights to information about what the U.S. government does in our names.”

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Twitter Web Client : "Recent efforts to sandbag Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are crude repeats of behaviors that helped elect Trump in 2016."
Everyone needs to read this eye-opening piece by Matt Taibbi.…

Twitter Web Client : Depois de quase um ano tentando, Lula finalmente falou com o Intercept. De dentro da prisão, o ex-presidente conversou por quase uma hora com Glenn Greenwald sobre a Lava Jato, ascensão da extrema-direita, a esquerda e seu legado como presidente:

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