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Bio The Girls Opportunity Alliance seeks to empower adolescent girls around the world through education.

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Twitter Web App : “Trust your gut. And don’t get discouraged.”

Take a moment for some extra inspiration today. Watch Michelle Obama’s inspiring closing remarks at #ObamaLeaders.

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Twitter Web App : That’s how change happens. And that’s the vision for the Obama Foundation.

Michelle Obama talks about how a community of support makes it possible to create a better world.

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Twitter Web App : “Put some positive light out there. Be the ‘yes’ in somebody’s life.”

Michelle Obama calls on #ObamaLeaders to focus on the positive and embrace their role in shaping the next generation.

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Twitter Web App : Our heroes are all here. We just maybe dont know each others names.

Julia Roberts speaks about discovering the everyday heroes and role models that are all around us with #ObamaLeaders.

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Twitter Web App : “It started simply with parents who believed in my voice.”

At #ObamaLeaders, Michelle Obama talks about how she found her inner strength and the importance of telling our young people that their voices matter.

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Twitter Web App : “Intellect knows no gender. Possibility doesn’t know race. It doesn’t know religion.”

Michelle Obama opens her main stage session about the power of global girls’ education at #ObamaLeaders.

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Twitter Web App : Today in Malaysia, Michelle Obama is sitting down with Julia Roberts and Deborah Henry to talk about their recent trip to Vietnam with the @GirlsAlliance and how girls access to education helps all of us.

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Twitter Web App : Julia Roberts, Deborah Henry, and I are about to take the stage at #ObamaLeaders: Asia-Pacific to reflect on our visit to Vietnam with the Girls Opportunity Alliance and to share our reflections on leadership. Don’t miss it:…

Twitter Web App : A conversation with Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts. An afternoon of service in Kuala Lumpur with Barack Obama. A chance to share recipes that tell the story of family meals across the Asia Pacifc.

It’s all happening. Stay tuned from our third day at #ObamaLeaders.

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Twitter Web App : .@jennabushhager and @michelleobama met Tay Thi, a young woman in Vietnam whose own parents burned her schoolbooks twice and pressured her to drop out so that she could work.

It’s stories like Tay’s that have inspired Obama’s passion to champion girls’ education.

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Twitter Web App : All of these young women sat in silence as Michelle Obama closed the session by telling them to remember one thing: “I was you.” If she could overcome and strive and become the First Lady of the United States, they could be and do anything that they dreamed.

Twitter Web App : I spoke with a woman who provides bicycles for girls to get to school. Instead of walking one hour each way, they are at school in 20 mins. Thanks to the GoFundMe platform, there are 400 girls in Vietnam who have one more obstacle removed from their path to opportunity.

Twitter Web App : I sat in a classroom where a few dozen young women developed skills to help them understand their voice and potential. Girls shared strategies about how talk to their parents about their education goals. They worked on personal statements that shed light on their dreams.

Twitter Web App : The The Obama Foundation is guided by the belief that we can create a better future if we connect people doing good work all over the world, give them tools and skills, and shine a spotlight on the best examples. Today in Vietnam with the @GirlsAlliance, I saw that vision in action.

Twitter Web App : We just spent an amazing day in Vietnam with young women who persevered to get an education and leaders from @RoomToRead who support these girls to fulfill their potential.

Head over to… to support work like this in Vietnam and around the world.

Twitter Web App : “Working on girls education is what I want to do for the rest of my life until we fix this issue.” Michelle Obama sits down with Jenna Bush Hager in Vietnam for an exclusive interview. Their full discussion ahead on TODAY.

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Twitter Web App : What an incredible day in Vietnam with members of the @GirlsAlliance community!

Take a look at our visit to Cần Giuộc high school and then visit… to support projects that empower girls through education in Vietnam and around the world.

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