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Bio Guitar Lyricis and player, singer; I like travelling to many countries. Also interested in ideas for home power development from wind,sun,renewable sources.
Location Illinois small town.
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Twitter Web App : Barbara Malmet North Korea threatens us here on GuamUSA every year like clockwork. Always when there are joint Military exercises taking place out here in the Western Pacific & Asia Pacific. trump makes the situation worse, and puts us in danger. 🤬

Twitter Web App : Putin helps Trump become POTUS in 2016. As POTUS, Trump in turn helps Putin kill his Ukrainian rivals by withholding $250M in congressionally authorized military aid from Ukraine — but hints Ukraine will get its aid . . . . if & when it goes after his rival Biden’s son. OMG.

Twitter Web App : "Donald Trump's personal driver for more than 25 years says the billionaire real estate developer didn't pay him overtime and raised his salary only twice in 15 years, clawing back the second raise by cutting off his health benefits."


Twitter Web App : If this doesn’t qualify as a concentration camp I don’t know what ever will. #CloseTheTRUMPcamps…

Twitter Web App : Trump registered eight companies in Saudi Arabia during campaign: report…

Twitter Web App : Tonight, thirteen CEOs for the world’s largest oil and gas corps are trying to wine and dine their way out of responsibility for fueling the climate crisis. We’re here to let them know it’s time to #MakeThemPay for their abuses.

Twitter Web App : Orlando police arrested a 6-year-old Black girl for "throwing a tantrum" in her first-grade class.

Arrested her in handcuffs, put her in the back of a police car, took her mugshot, and fingerprinted her.


THIS👏🏽 IS 👏🏾WHY 👏🏿WE 👏🏾KNEE👏🏽!…

Twitter Web App : I hope journalists get every Republican Senator — on the record — saying they think it’s acceptable for a US president to dangle anti-tank missiles and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in exchange for politicized investigations of his political opponent. Make them say it.

Twitter Web App : Kim Jong Un is a monster. For our POTUS to treat him otherwise is a disgrace to what the US stands for.

Executions by anti aircraft guns. Bullets so big they rip you to shreds.
Executions by flamethrower?!

This is a humanitarian crisis.


Twitter Web App : Read some of the weapons trump sold the Saudis are finding their way into the hands of the Taliban? Imagine? After all the Saudis were the ones majorly responsible for 9/11. Comforting to know if we're attacked again trump will tell us there were good people on both sides.

Twitter Web App : The kompromat must be strong. There is no other reason but fear for Republicans to back this divisive racist rapey lying grifting golfing traitor.…

Twitter Web App : Dear Donnie,
There you go again! I know you never met a law you would obey but Ivanka should have pointed out to you that the optics of calling on foreign governments to help you win elections is bad form; in fact it's called TREASON! Even the Russians are laughing at you, silly!…

Twitter Web App : "Troubling" is missing the bus on your way to work.

"Troubling" is losing your house keys and having to call a locksmith.

Using the power of the Presidency to extort a foreign leader for election help is WAY past troubling, Mittens.


Twitter Web App : The Kremlin has a defined set of tools that it uses to manipulate elections around the world. Learn more:…

Twitter Web App : Chris Murphy Thats because it’s become so normalized: For 2.5 years there has not been 1 thing that comes from Trump & his regime that isn’t gaslighting, half truths or blatant lies.

That’s the thing with Nationalists; they create chaos & diversions—they relish in deceit, while they destroy.

Twitter Web App : Russia interfered in 2016 election in sweeping and systematic fashion.

Trump campaign welcomed their assistance.

They helped elect the so-called President.

Individual 1 is at it again #Ukraine #AbuseOfPower.

He. Must. Go.

Twitter Web App : Smart move Japan!!! U.S. ally Japan is not joining Donald Trump's fight with Iran, so can it bring peace?…