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ID 575014349 : Where does rookie WR A.J. Brown stack up in Week 15?

Lets turn to Judge Kay Adams for a ruling.

NFL Fantasy Football | #FantasyFootball

  • Start Video : From college teammates to rival head coaches.

Kyle Brandt gives the history behind Sunday nights Tomlin vs McDermott showdown.

Pittsburgh Steelers | Buffalo Bills | William & Mary Tribe Football

  • Start Video : What should fantasy owners do with David Montgomery against the Packers in Week 15?

Lets see how Judge Kay Adams rules.

NFL Fantasy Football | #FantasyFootball

  • Start Video : Should fantasy owners start Tom Brady against the Bengals?

Whats the Bench Ruling, Kay Adams?

NFL Fantasy Football | #FantasyFootball

  • Start Video : When you think three-headed monster, you dont often think of tight ends. Especially not in 2019. But here come the Baltimore Ravens, with the #1 offense in the league, the #1 tight ends room in the league, and Nick Boyle, arguably the best blocking TE in all of football. -- Peter Schrager

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TweetDeck : Here’s FAT JOE on Marshall Mathers v Nick Cannon: 👀 🔊

Also download #FamilyTies - we’ve been listening to it all day! #ripnickcannon #RIPNickCanon

  • Start Video : The Oakland Raiders have less than a 2% chance of making the playoffs.

Which means... theres a way. Peter Schrager explains.

  • Start Video : 🚨Bur-Lesson Time🚨

Nathaniel E Burleson schools you on the TITANic transformation of Ryan Tannehill.

Tennessee Titans | Ryan Tannehill

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TweetDeck : From GMFB: #Ravens QB Lamar Jackson went from sleeves to no sleeves at halftime on Sunday because he just wasn’t feeling them. So with my coat buzzing on camera, I pulled a Lamar.

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Twitter Media Studio : 📽️Award season is kicking off...

Who will win Best Lead Actor in Week 15?🎥

Kyle Brandt➡️Tom Brady
Nathaniel E Burleson➡️Lamar Jackson
Peter Schrager➡️Carson Wentz

  • Start Video : Will Kyler Murray (vs CLE) finish Week 15 as a top 10 QB?

Kay Adams turns to the Shredder.

NFL Fantasy Football | #FantasyFootball

  • Start Video : Will Devin Singletary (vs PIT) put up 100+ scrim yds.

What say you, Kay Adams?

NFL Fantasy Football | #FantasyFootball

  • Start Video : Lamar Jackson has a new spellbinding highlight every week.

Which NFL legend had the best highlights?

Nathaniel E Burleson▶️Randall Cunningham
Peter Schrager▶️Christian Okoye
Kyle Brandt▶️Sean Taylor

  • Start Video : What was it like playing poker with New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor on The Sopranos?

Actor Joseph R. Gannascoli swung by to tell the GMFB crew!

  • Start Video : Will Kenny Golladay (vs TB) have 100+ yds & TD?

Kay Adams breaks down the QB on #ShreddyOrNot.

NFL Fantasy Football | #FantasyFootball

  • Start Video : Was LeVeon Bells Saturday bowling night expedition a bad look?

Nathaniel E Burleson says it was fine...

Peter Schrager says, Cmon.

  • Start Video : Raheem Mostert (Raheem Mostert) is more than a breakout star for the top-seeded San Francisco 49ers.

Hes also an absolute monster on the waves, and a former surfing phenom.

Peter Schrager explains and the crew weighs in.🏄‍♂️

Move over, Laird Hamilton.

  • Start Video : Whos the team to beat in the AFC South?

Nathaniel E Burleson & Peter Schrager dont agree on this one.

#WeAreTexans or #Titans

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