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Buffer : CΛT✩ I want to make sure you get the right answer to this question, so please reach out to our team at support@abstract.com for more information. - Alison

Buffer : Maricato Thanks for reaching out. Please send a note to our team at support@abstract.com for help with this. - Alison

Buffer : Maxx You can contact our team at support@abstract to see what type of plan your team is on. - Alison

Buffer : PMs, this one’s for you. Join Design Advocate Andrea A Burton for an Abstract for Product Managers training session tomorrow at 9am PT. Sign up: bit.ly/2Jvt2pa #ProductManagement

Buffer : Craig Dennis I talked to the team a bit more about this and we'd like to get additional info from you. Could you forward the email you received and share any public links where this happens? You can send those to support@abstract.com and let them know we discussed it here. - Alison

Buffer : Chris Firth Thanks for sharing this feedback—we know this is frustrating. This is something our team is actively talking about and we hope to have more info to share soon. - Alison

Buffer : 🔮 You may not be able to predict which of your explorations will make it into your final designs, but with the Branch archive, Commit history, and Collections you can easily find and revisit past work if you need to. bit.ly/2ShxWsT

Buffer : Want to pilot Abstract in your small team? Step one: recruit one or more fellow designers who are also d̶e̶s̶i̶g̶n̶ ̶t̶o̶o̶l̶ ̶n̶e̶r̶d̶s̶ excited about Abstract. Next steps here: bit.ly/2JFWHuP

Buffer : Dan Our support team can figure this out. Please drop them a note at support@abstract.com. - Alison

Buffer : Design Advocate Andrea A Burton is leading our first Abstract for Product Managers webinar on July 17th.

Learn how to:
👓 Use Abstract as a viewer
📝 Gather feedback using Review Requests + Collections
💨 Move projects from design to dev faster

Sign up: bit.ly/2Jvt2pa

Twitter Web Client : 👇 It's true! The Zendesk Garden is a great example of the power of shared product language—ensuring designers and developers are on the same page. twitter.com/allisonacs/sta…

Buffer : James Walsh No, not permanently. The plugin overlay will default back to the bottom of Sketch when the file is opened again. If you toggle it to the top, it will stay there for as long as you have the file open or if you toggle it back down to the bottom. - Alison

Buffer : CΛT✩ It's not intentional, but we are aware of it. Unlinking then relinking will update the library name. If you need more help, please reach out to our team at support@abstract.com. - Alison

Buffer : #AbstractTip to improve developer handoff: don’t wait until an asset is approved to export and use it. By downloading and using placeholder assets, you’ll be able to surface any implementation problems sooner than later.

Buffer : While it’s crucial to continue to add technical skills to your 🛠 designer tool box, don’t forget that soft skills are important too. Product Designer Sara Zhang shares a few to work on: bit.ly/2KhPAeI

🔍 Curiosity
✅ Decisiveness
🤝 Asking for help

Twitter Web Client : Great takeaways from Engineering Manager Natalie Uduwela’s chat with Tradecraft:

🔤 Typefaces can make or break a website/brand
🗺️ Product Design is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of field twitter.com/sophiezerb/sta…