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Twitter Web App : THE CYCLE:
- deny galling thing
- yell FAKE NEWS! about galling thing
- admit galling thing
- pretend galling thing isn't galling…

iPhone : A cancer survivor, a record setter, and a very decent man. Happy birthday to America’s oldest living president, Jimmy Carter.…

iPhone : The president describes the constitutionally outlined process of impeachment as a “coup” because he thinks of himself as the state and disloyalty to him as treason. All the more reason to remove him from office.

iPhone : - when Trump became president I figured Oliver Stone would direct the eventual biopic
- during the Stormy Daniels fiasco I thought Paul Verhoeven might be the right choice
- then Brett Kavanaugh happened and I thought Ava DuVernay
- now I'm like fuck it, give it to Rob Zombie…

iPhone : Every article about how someone accumulated wealth is like, "My parents covered my rent, healthcare, food, transportation, & phone which let me save for a house"

Every article about how someone got financially ruined is like, "I bumped my elbow weird and I didn't have insurance"

Twitter Web App : Confidential to everyone in the Trump White House: Dont be blindly loyal. 15 of Nixons staffers got jail time for Watergate. Nixon didnt.

iPhone : An IG doesn't call members of Congress back from a break just for kicks. This will be serious & significant. "One congressional aide described the State [Dep't] inspector general's request as 'highly unusual and cryptically worded.'"…

Twitter Web App : what if everything that’s happened lately is just an elaborate ruse to put The Onion out of business

Twitter Web App : With the NYT story breaking about Trump urging DHS to shoot [immigrants] in the legs, its a good time to remind folks that during a rally in May Trump & the crowd laughed & cheered when someone yelled out that the government should shoot immigrants.

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