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Android : Thank you, my God, my Protector, my Comforter, for guiding President Trump) 's Twitter Profile">President Trump.
In every endeavor, keep President Trump) 's Twitter Profile">President Trump safe from all evils.
Thank you, Lord, for the giving us the faith to persevere through each and every challenge we face.



Donations in any amount are welcome for the defense
of General Flynn

Where we go one, we go all.
.President Trump
.General Flynn
.Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐

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Android : Deputy CBP Commissioner credits Trump’s “unprecedented agreement” with Mexico for lower border apprehensions

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Android : My fellow Americans.

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Android : Americas continued success depends on Donald J. Trump getting re-elected and continuing his #MAGA policies.

Thats why I am absolutely THRILLED to announce that Ill be joining the Trump campaign as a Senior Adviser!

Its time to get to work and WIN for America in 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Android : Should have told the complainer to leave. Disgusting on the part of the Starbucks people. Let's see who they call when they are in trouble:…

Android : The Heart of Darkness: The Sexual Predators Within America’s Power Elite | By John W. Whitehead:…

Android : Coming to a city near you! Please mark calendars.

July 20: Brooksville, FL
July 21: Tampa, FL
July 22: Clearwater, FL
July 23: Sarasota, FL
July 27: NoVA
August 3: Reading, PA
August 10: Davenport, IA
August 17: Cincinnati, OH
August 24: Memphis, TN
August 31: Virginia Beach, VA

Android : I'm so completely honored & humbled to share that I've been invited to the White House

for the social media summit.

I can't even believe this is happening.

Dreams do come true.

Android : The 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shook California on Friday created a massive crack in the Earth visible in satellite images

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Android : The crookedest politicians in US history, the Clintons, have stayed one step ahead of the posse for decades. With Jeffrey Epstein now in the hot seat, will justice finally catch up with Bill? #JeffreyEpsteinArrest