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iPhone : I missed the #QueensSpeech - did she use this opportunity to declare Boris Johnson a #filthypieceoftowrag or did she side with the silver-spoons?

I live in hope.

iPhone : Question on BBC balance, considering we keep getting told how many Marxists and Communists there are supporting Labour, how come they never appear on programs to balance out the rabid right wingers urging the Torys to be more extreme?


iPhone : BBC news desperately trying to get Nigel Lawson into the studio before covering protest on its doorstep. You know, for balance. #BreakingNews

iPhone : Brexit. Like on Runaround when a couple of smart kids, unlike the rest, don’t fall for the trick question. The smug Brexiteers ignore Mike Reid’s invitation to ‘runaround’ but eventually they will regret it. #FridayFeelings

iPhone : So it looks like Farage, Johnson, Swinson, Blair, Hunt, Rudd, Hammond, Umunna, Gove, Austin, Woodcock, Mann, Grieve and quite a few others ALL think Corbyn is the enemy? Righty-o.…

iPhone : Absolutely despicable of BBC Question Time. A fortnight after Hartley Brewer published the address of my family home, in a week in which she knew I had received death threats, our notional public service broadcaster puts her on its flagship.

Shame on it. Shame on it.…

iPhone : Boris Johnson Slogans, slogans, slogans. You've adapted the Goebbels playbook for Brexit. Repeated simple slogans 4 simple minds. Reducing complicated topics to 'get it done', 'Surrender act', 'people against parliament' We know what your doing & many of us can see the dangers!!

iPhone : If you are angry at the #ExtinctionRebellion protesters but not angry at the CEOs of BP, Exxon-Mobil, Shell & the Big Airliners then you really need to put down the Daily Mail and do some real research as to what is taking place on this planet.

iPhone : Funnily enough, Jeremy Corbyn has been arguing for a permanent customs union for the last three years, Laura. It's almost as if the solution has been staring us in the face all along but we were too busy slagging Corbyn off to actually notice. #Merkel…

iPhone : Liberal Democrats Apparently ‘Heidi Allen’ is an anagram of ‘disingenuous hypocrite Tory, who pretends to care for victims of brutal austerity but really just likes the knockabout fun and attention of the Westminster bubble’