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Twitter for iPad : There really are similarities between trump and his followers and the early years of Nazi Germany under Hitler.…

Twitter for iPad : CBP is broken.

Some estimates say that up 20% of its workforce needs to be axed and replaced. Murderers in the ranks aren’t uncommon, there’s even an accused serial killer.


iPhone : Which part of the Bible is “it’s cool the president’s openly racist because my stocks are up” again? Can’t seem to find it.

iPhone : The political implications of Steve Daines putting himself in this predicament are huge as it could flip a US Senate seat, because our governor is a Democrat.

iPhone : Dear CNN,

Do you finally regret setting this man's first nationally televised racist tirade to techno music, then giving him hundreds of hours of free airtime?


iPhone : Rand Paul's next door neighbor really took one for the team for all of us. Google that.…

iPhone : REMINDER: Kentucky, whose voters have given us both Mitch McConnell & Rand Paul, is the state second-most-dependent upon federal dollars, the majority of which come from blue states such as New York.

But please, Rand, tell us more about how we can't afford to help 9/11 victims.…

Twitter Web Client : Jeffrey Epstein's got a lot of splaining to do in SDNY about his ***Austrian*** passport!

Is he a citizen there?

Who knows?!?!?!?!!