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iPhone : Trump throws #RickPerry under the bus, tries to blame him for making the #Ukraine call!

#ImpeachmentTaskForce #TheResistance…

iPhone : William Barr is aiding and abetting trump’s constitutional crime spree. Barr should be impeached, but also face professional sanctions for his attacks on the rule of law. Today I filed complaints w/ the DC and VA bars calling for Barr’s law license to be revoked.

iPhone : What would you say if Donald Trump, Bibi Netanyahu, and Boris Johnson all get swept from power in the same month?

At this point, it could happen.


iPhone : Imagine the uproar if we had learned that Wendell Willkie asked Adolf Hitler to provide dirt on Franklin D. Roosevelt in an effort to win the 1940 presidential election. Trump seeking dirt on Joe Biden & Elizabeth Warren from Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia or China is just as bad.

iPhone : As a veteran military officer my oath was to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, not an oath of allegiance to the President.

Our Constitution is under attack by a domestic enemy.

Impeachment is the only option for defense.


iPhone : Once upon a time, Republicans stood for the #RuleOfLaw.

Now they excuse or explain how Trump really didn’t mean it when he extorted other countries for dirt on Biden.


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Twitter Web App : Ironically, the #Ukrainewhistleblower's lawyer Mark S. Zaid also represented a whistleblower whom Rick Perry retaliated against at the Department of Energy.

Now, Trump is using the former Texas Governor as a human shield in the #ImpeachmentInquiry.…

Twitter Web App : My latest Occupy Democrats

Trump just moved to throw Rick Perry right under the bus.

This can only backfire on him since the unlikely Energy Secretary is resigning, and therefore will soon be able to
freely testify to Congress.


Twitter Web App : devastating donald #ImpeachmentTaskForce #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Twitter Web App : Right now, I'd much rather have Hillary Clinton as President than the trumptastrophe in there now.

But the consolation prize is watching her sip all this goddamn tea while frying him with shade.

She DID warn us, after all.