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iPhone : Flight attendant: Is there a doctor on this plane?

Samuel L. Jackson: I have had it with these motherfucking doctors on this motherfucking plane!!!!

iPhone : Renfamous⭐️ A thing that literally happened last night: talking to my wife about our finances and I'm like "yeah, that's about a quarter of a million dollars" and my daughter butts in and is like "you mean two hundred and fifty thousand daddy" (infuriating pedant).

An 8 year old knows this

iPhone : I'll defer to the Texas attorneys. As it was explained to me, homestead protection isn't available to non-persons (LLCs / Corps / etc)


iPhone : Silly sensationalist headline and premise. New York gave homeless folks $$$ intended to cover rent for a year wherever they decided to move; some chose to move here twitter.com/queerventures/…

iPhone : Yep. Totally unnecessary given Texas's homestead protections, but I'm told it has the salutary benefit of letting the Ds personally sue Percy for facilitating the fraudulent transfer


iPhone : If the judgment isn't paid, it collects interest at 5% per year

It also acts as a lien on any real property (houses / land) that Vic owns. So if he ever sells it, the money goes to the judgment first

Ds can also seize his car and certain other property


iPhone : Exactly. It's designed to combat what's called "libel tourism," because a lot of famous ppl were filing SLAPPs in the UK