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Bio Lasker Fellow at @stsci working on dark energy, supernovae, white dwarfs, machine learning, astro edu & outreach, photography, hiking. Semi-responsible nerd!
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Android : Wow!

The correlation between gaze placement and foot placement is really satisfying and amazing 😱


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Android : I have cited the wrong people for the first theory that thermonuclear supernovae are powered by Nickel-56 decay. I intend to correct this.

Titus Pankey was the first to suggest this in the early 1960s. He was an African-American scientist whose contribution has been overlooked

Android : Unit tests: 2
Integration tests: 0

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Android : Dr. Jennifer L. Hoffman ✨ This is a good trick to make me read the paper!

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Instagram : Reason number 1990 I love @hubbletelescope. Walk to my library and see the librarians looking over nasahubble blueprints and talking about how to scan and archive them.……