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Bio I play games one handed due to hemiparesis, many of which I speedrun | Gaming accessibility advocate and consultant - ask me about testing! | pansexual, he/him
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Twitter Web Client : Please know that this was definitely not an "oops" moment. They know what they're doing. In the previous line the same henchman said he was going to use some "Hokey-dough Shitcan" moves on me, an excellent localization for mispronouncing Hokuto Shinken, the style Kenshiro uses.

Android : My biggest struggle is fatigue and thus focus, so keeping track of the plot via questlog & having clear subtitles and pauseable/replayable dialogue and cutscenes are absolutely essential to me. Usually also toggle off motion blur. Thanks for all you do halfcoordinated ! twitter.com/halfcoordinate…

Twitter Web Client : gay icon eiji hino Thank you. I think we've spotted it in pretty early stages here so hopefully they'll be cleared out without much more hassle. Haven't been getting new bites for a couple days after my own efforts and the exterminator is coming tomorrow. Hope you can clear yours out too

Twitter Web Client : Was setting up to stream but all the extra physical work I've been doing to ensure the bedbugs are eradicated, plus the high corticosteroid dose for itching, has left my arm pretty stiff and sore. it'd be pretty unwise to play tonight and I need to get up earlier tomorrow anyway.

Twitter Web Client : The PlayStation 4 has a universal option that lets you press the PS button + Square at the same time to zoom in on the screen. I'm not hard of sight apart from having glasses, but I still use this feature all the time. I'm kind of ashamed they don't point to it more. twitter.com/halfcoordinate…

Twitter Web Client : When I started playing Celeste, I pretty much immediately turned screenshake effects off. If I wasn't able to do that, I probably would've stopped playing very early on. Now it's one of my favorite games! twitter.com/halfcoordinate…