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iPhone : twitter.com/lilnasx/status…

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iPhone : In my defense my assistants name was strangely on it too so she opened it 🤪 twitter.com/allies_thought…

iPhone : I feel bad for every animal thats dealing with earthquakes and fireworks this week :( pls keep ur babies close. I miss mine so so so much and wish I could hold him.

iPhone : The nerd alternative to being a HS quarterback stuck in his glory days. twitter.com/likeavioIin/st…

iPhone : I was! but I still took AP exams for lang & comp, lit, psych, French, gov and fine art haha. really putting them to good use these days lol. twitter.com/17MINUTESX/sta…

iPhone : sheesh. just saw AP exam scores are coming in and immediately got a feeling of terror in my stomach. I graduated high school 6 and a half years ago but shout out academic anxiety for being impervious to time! hoping you all got 5s and if you didn’t, it’s ok u did ur best.

iPhone : I just don’t picture myself as a 25 im more of a 24 I think twitter.com/heavenihiding/…

iPhone : Finally got my cute anime side character haircut!!! Hair b growing!

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iPhone : me, dumping a puddle of sweat from my baby oiled body beneath my costume, thinking to myself “yeah wear latex for this era. awesome idea.”

iPhone : and say I love you by sending a mariachi band playing Oasis to greet your girlfriend 15 minutes before she leaves for the airport so now she unfortunately has to murder you twitter.com/yungblud/statu…

iPhone : I have never been so tired in my life I just said “I feel like I’m on planet Zenus” ????