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iPhone : King, Duane Thanks for those ideas. I will keep them as backup. I don’t know why this is not a simple option in @adobe Acrobat! Surely other people want to make nerdy builds...

iPhone : King, Duane I should have clarified that I don’t want to swipe either. I want to press the screen and have a slide advance, so that when I make a “build” you can see things happening (when you swipe you lose the positioning of objects). I’m not explaining this very well but you might get it

Twitter Web Client : So proud of my gf Alex Daly who had a piece published by Glamour about living with OCD without knowing it, getting diagnosed, and figuring out how to live with it. (And not the arranging objects neatly type of OCD that Hollywood prefers). Go Allie! glamour.com/story/this-is-…