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Android : and to think hollywood kept pushing off women-led films all these years by hiding behind the fear that they would fail... when we all knew it was just plain ol' misogyny.... they could've been making serious BANK all this time if they weren't such cowards. i have to laugh.…

Android : we DESERVE this team up but the reason marvel wont give it to us is bc cinema rooms would explode all across the globe because of all the bad bitch energy

Android : The first reviews for #Aquaman have washed ashore - currently its #Fresh at 78% on the #Tomatometer, with 46 reviews:…

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Android : aquaman got a 78% score on rotten tomatoes which is Great but this review is taking me the fuck out... imagine going to see a movie called AQUAMAN and then complaining theres too much water, sea creatures and CGI in it lmfaooooo

Twitter Web Client : Cordir well you just gave me the push i needed to put a plan in action for this. i'll look into making an acct and come up with ideas of what i should post there, and also just try and get to know the platform so i can make the most out of it. thank you so much for the help/motivation!

Twitter Web Client : Cordir no, and honestly i dont know what i would do with a patreon account. all i do is make edits, i dont have any exclusive art or tutorials to post there :/

Twitter Web Client : Annie Bellet yay thank you so much!! ❤️ i will, i've just never used paypal before so its going to take a couple of days until i can validate my account, but as soon as its up and running i will pin the link here :)

Android : trixirita 🌸🖤 ohh thanks a lot, I already sort of know the model I need to buy and the cheapest option in the market here in my country is about U$670 (8gb ram, i5 core, dedicated video graphics, geforce, all that stuff) do you have any other tips?

Android : Maria I can't monetize my channel because I work with copyrighted content (footage from movies that I didn't make). YouTube wont let me 😂😂

Android : hii guys, so... my laptop is close to dying, & im a broke college student so i cant afford a new one right now, which means i'll be forced to stop editing indefinitely :(

for those of u who like my edits...if i put up my paypal link, would y'all donate so i can keep making them?