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Android : Every time another #MeToo incident reaches the press & the internet is heaving with hot takes, women out there are either put off coming forward or those who did speak up have their "untrustworthiness" reaffirmed by strangers.

Android : "Funny, popular, reaching the parts other Tories couldn't reach... what happened to Boris Johnson?"

"Charisma" "star power"... etc

I mean, the premise of this question is just extraordinary for someone who is apparently one of our top political journalists.


Android : Speaking truth. 👊 #KnockDownTheHouse

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Android : I met a guy called Fernando last week (who'd never heard the Abba song, he's 21) and when he first came to the UK and introduced himself to people they'd say 'can you hear the drums?'

And he just thought it was a weird Manc expression and started saying it back to people

Android : Not entirely sure what the point is of Martha Kearney. May as well just get the interviewee to read out random lines from a Daily Express leader column or a minister's tweet themselves one after the other and then respond.


Twitter Web App : Non-Paper = Non-Starter. Time the EU had a serious proposal from the UK Govt if a #Brexit deal is to be achievable in October. NI and IRE deserves better!

Twitter Web App : A Muslim Tory MP is pleading with Robert Peston and Laura Kuenssberg to report on blatant Islamophibia crisis...let that sink in she is having to plead for our two biggest broadcasters to report on institutional mass racism in Tory party against Muslims ans they are refusing too.…

Twitter Web App : Should death certificates for Yemeni civilians blown up by bombs illegally licensed by your department read, in the words of Kieth Vaz: Death caused by administrative error?

Liz Truss: stunned silence.

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Twitter Web App : Sacked Thomas Cook workers protest outside the Tory Party Conference in Manchester - chanting ‘fat cat bosses took our money, fat cat bosses took our money’ - angry that they have not been paid today. #ThomasCookcollapse #payupnow

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Twitter Web App : David Davis proposed this in June 2018.

16 months have passed and it seams Barclay is just rifling through Davis waste paper bin looking for inspiration.…

Twitter Web App : Nicky Morgan has the permanent look of someone who took £50k to let the local serial killer use her back yard as a burial plot and is now forced to walk around pretending she can't see or smell the bodies.