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Android : It is not the act, it is the power dynamics. He knows he has a certain level of authority. He feels invincible because he thinks he can abuse his position and get away with it while she continues living through trauma.

Android : "Then just go and complain". What if he finds out and fails her? What if he confronts her and gets violent? What if he does something even worse? These are real fears women live with every time they have to report an abuser. It's not that easy. It never is.

Android : To make it worse, he's an MD at Iqra Education, Swat. Is it any wonder we're turning out violent murderers, harassers and insecure men with fragile egos when extremism like this is being preached in our institutions?

Android : Muslims are actually terrifying. I really hope I can get out of this country soon and away from these vultures. The amount of bloodthirst and hatred the followers of the "most loving religion" have in them is scary. The mentality that killed Mashal Khan is very much alive today. twitter.com/IkramKhanJI/st…

Android : While all of us focused on the safe return of #DuaMangi, the kid who tried to avoid this kidnap, #HarisFateh battled with his life - Haris is now paralyzed for life - Watching his father appeal to the Sindh govt to prevent any further incidents like these makes my heart weep.

Twitter Web App : Payback never looked so promising. 💋 In theaters April 2020. #PromisingYoungWoman

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Twitter Web App : Men in general aren’t angry, they are just plain aggressive. They bellow, huff, raise their voices but not the quality of their argument, become dismissive. Their bullshit is immature and intolerable, and as we continue to see across the world - it is catastrophic

Android : Now that the lawyer fraternity has been exposed (yet again), I have a genuine request to make. Next time a woman uses any platform to ask for justice, spare her the ‘GO TO COURT... LET THE COURTS DECIDE’ jargon. These courts are full of the same liars.. sorry lawyers. #Metoo

Twitter Web App : India leads the world in internet blackouts.

Right now, it’s blocked in four different states: Kashmir, Assam, Tripura & Arunachal.

We all know what fascist governments do in the dark. Don’t be a bystander; speak now & speak loudly.