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iPhone : The Labour v Lib Dem blame game is depressing. As Leader of the Opposition, Corbyn has the right to try lead a govt of national unity. Lib Dem’s should back him on the proviso that if he fails to get the numbers, as is likely, Labour should be open to exploring alternatives.

iPhone : The new right’s obsession with Greta Thunberg shows them up for what they are - bitter, regressive and devoid of solutions.

iPhone : Dómhnall Tinneny Numbers would add up if there’s a govt of national unity. Govt of national unity cannot be lead by Corbyn as we need Tory rebels to come across to make a majority. Corbyn has proved himself irrelevant on Brexit, Watson has shown real leadership in going above him.


Last time, 1million people marched on the streets of London to demand a #PeoplesVote. This October, we will march again and demand we are heard. #LetUsBeHeard

Sign up to the #PeoplesVoteMarch now: letusbeheard.uk

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iPhone : Total fucking shambles. Labour leadership are not fit for purpose and have thrown Scottish Labour under the bus. twitter.com/bbcscotnine/st…

iPhone : Things to blame for Corbyn’s disastrous leadership:
Centrist dads
Labour MPs
Tony Blair
Opinion polls
The Deputy Leader
The Boogie

Things definitely not to blame for Corbyn’s disastrous leadership:
Corbyn’s leadership
Corbyn’s leadership team

iPhone : This article by pro-Corbyn Aditya Chakrabortty:

❌ Reveals Corbyn hasn’t held a meeting with his shadow cabinet on opposing Boris Johnson
❌ Claims Labour are “packing up for the holidays”
❌ Suggests sidelining Milne & Schneider for a pro-remain spokesperson