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iPhone : I've been talking to Peter Kyle MP and other MPs and they think they have the numbers for a People's Vote. Tories, who onced opposed it like Oliver Letwin, have been converted by Dominic Cummings' brilliant strategy of expelling them. (Classic Dom)

iPhone : Jeremy Corbyns senior aide Andrew Fisher, who wrote the partys last manifesto, has lost faith in the leadership and quit. Read all about Labours class war in The Sunday Times tomorrow.

iPhone : Momentum have now overshadowed the entire Labour conference with infighting, when instead it should have been a platform to announce policy on the eve of a general election. They are not, and never have been, serious about winning. #LabourConference2019

iPhone : Tony Blair: Labours ambiguous policy on Brexit is like turning up to a horse race where the Tories and Lib Dems are racing on thoroughbred horses, but Jeremy Corbyn turns up on a camel.

And in that race, I promise you, the camel doesn’t come first.

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Twitter Web App : Preparing for #lab19? Here’s BCW’s handy guide to key figures around #JeremyCorbyn. More details of Labour policies in our document here: linkedin.com/feed/update/ur…

iPhone : Important!! An election isn’t guaranteed to break the impasse, only a referendum can👇🏼 twitter.com/Femi_Sorry/sta…

iPhone : The benefit for Labour is they don’t have to go into an election with this bizarre ‘campaign against own deal’ policy. While for Tories they don’t have to deselect their one nation wing which would be devastating long term.

iPhone : Not just saying this to wind up my Corbynista friends but this is the right approach. A GE is a de facto Brexit referendum anyway but it’s a really bad way to do it. With Letwin today saying more Tories are coming to a referendum it’s worth exploring before rushing into a GE. twitter.com/MsHelicat/stat…

iPhone : greta stan account A general election is a de facto Brexit referendum but a really bad way of doing it. With Oliver Letwin backing a People’s Vote today it makes much more sense to at least explore if there is the numbers for it in Parliament before rushing into a GE

iPhone : Can’t fathom what Labour would gain by voting for a GE in the next few days. Surely it would play out far better electorally to humiliate Johnson into seeking an extension before triggering an election at the end of October.

iPhone : 📣📣 REMINDER 📣📣

We’ll be taking part in the nationwide protests against Boris Johnson’s outrageous decision to suspend Parliament to force through a disastrous no deal Brexit.

Join us at 2pm, George Square, Glasgow.