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Twitter Web App : Interested to read this piece by Tom McTague because it made me realise we have *totally* different conceptions of what Corbynism is. theatlantic.com/international/…

Twitter Web App : It was certainly an interesting challenge. No idea if it'll come off, but the producers and tech team worked incredibly hard, so fingers crossed.

Twitter Web App : So, you may have wondered: "What kind of mad fool would try to do topical comedy during a pandemic, when the panellists can't even be in a studio together?"

Allow me to provide an answer. twitter.com/haveigotnews/s…

Twitter Web App : Stephen Bush alexmassie Hadley Freeman Also, I'm not blaming men here, really. There's clearly a huge market of guilty women desperate to read their millionth piece about how yoga is cultural appropriation, whereas there are fewer takers for self-flagellation over enabling Sepp Blatter.

Twitter Web App : Stephen Bush alexmassie Hadley Freeman Yes, it's a "sign of a well rounded personality" showing you have a hinterland, which in no way diminishes your seriousness. Also, how can you have a preferred Lush soap when that shop's whole vibe is vaguely floral teargas.

Twitter Web App : Stephen Bush I mean, I say "fascination", I mean "genuine respect for the way that chastising women and nitpicking over their lives and interests mutates into the most socially acceptable form for any given society".

Twitter Web App : Stephen Bush I find the lack of morality patrolling about football - comparative to the endless discourse about how things women like are problematic - an endless source of fascination.

Twitter Web App : During disease outbreaks:

- Women are responsible for the majority of caregiving—at hospitals and at home.

- Maternal mortality rises.

- Domestic violence is a major concern.

Here's what this pandemic could mean for women and girls.

Twitter Web App : Fascinating research by Ipsos MORI on gender differences in response to coronavirus. I always wonder if part of the picture of male mental health problems is a gender difference in community support, quality of friendships and connectedness to others. ipsos.com/ipsos-mori/en-…

Twitter Web App : Clare Wenham Right. And it's probably a question that could never be resolved in a final, sweeping, bang-the-gavel way, even if that felt like a useful thing to do. To me, this isn't a contest for sympathy. It's about making sure that effects outside the obvious get noticed by politicians.

Twitter Web App : It's not a competition: as I said in the piece, a pandemic affects men and women differently, and magnifies all existing inequalities. The truth is that there aren't more pieces about why men are worse affected because we don't yet know why that is. It's not a political problem.

Twitter Web App : Just re-read my Atlantic piece to see if I claimed "women are the hardest hit", because it didn't feel like something I would say. And guess what! I didn't say that. I said more men are dying, but a pandemic isn't purely a medical event. Then outlined its social effects on women. twitter.com/sullydish/stat…

Twitter Web App : Stephen Bush Also, how does Dominic Raab manage to look like he's on videolink from a war crimes trial every single time? Even his walls are sinister.

Twitter Web App : Stephen Bush IMAGINE how long it must take to herd them all on to Zoom just to take a photograph. "MICHAEL, MICHAEL TURN YOUR CAMERA ROUND." And that's discounting the time it took Liz Truss to set up her massive flag backdrop.