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Twitter Web App : Linda Holmes Jasmine Guillory My main rule was that if a piece could not do double or triple duty, I was not bringing it. I kept to a very narrow palette, sprayed vodka on stinky spots, was careful not to dump food on myself, somehow, and accessorized with abandon

Twitter Web App : One more note: Thanks to the reader who reminded me that Anne's mother, Edith Holländer-Frank, did not die in the gas chambers. Rather, she stayed with her girls until they were transferred to Bergen-Belsen. She died of starvation shortly before Auschwitz was liberated.

Twitter Web App : Claudia Haas My impression is that she was selected for the chambers when Anne and Margot were transferred to Bergen-Belsen, but I am having trouble finding the reference. I am grateful for the reminder that she helped her girls as long as she could

Twitter Web App : Ellen Firsching Brown Ellen F. Brown is a good friend and one of my favorite authors, to boot. She writes so engagingly about history. Here she is talking about a family connection to the Great War:…

Twitter Web App : Shannon Stirone Tell that to the people who are STILL sending angry emails to me about this article one million years later…

Twitter Web App : Andrew Gilman I'm totally a fair-weather sports person but as a California expat, I'm kind of fascinated by the behemoth that is sports in the Midwest. I tweet with people who are kind or cool, not necessarily important!

Twitter Web App : Andrew Gilman It makes me think very hard about covering these types of stories. For many who endure even worse harassment, it drives them away from coverage entirely.

Twitter Web App : Andrew Gilman It also has a chilling effect on people who want to cover these things. I've endured TONS of harassment, for example, from P*lish nationalists about my writing on their country's role in the Holocaust, and even for writing articles about scientific papers relating to JFK 🙄

Twitter Web App : Andrew Gilman I can't pretend to know exactly why people deny the Holocaust. But I do think that they think THEY'VE won, because they have the upper hand and the other party is forced to fruitlessly attempt to "prove it." It's about disrespect, power dynamics and humiliation.