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Twitter for iPad : jenny matthews J.K. Rowling .1. Airbus doesn't make its wings and other aircraft parts inside the 'London bubble'. It makes them in 25 sites around the UK. 2. Those of us who are concerned are worried about the 14,000 people that Airbus employs, around half of them in Wales.

iPhone : 9. We are going to need a further transition period because so much time has been wasted (see 8. above)
10. Parliament must - and will - have the final say on the Brexit deal.

iPhone : 6. The public think it's all going very badly
7. There isn’t a majority in the House of Commons for a No Deal Brexit
8. Management by the Prime Minister in the party interest has taken precedence over leadership in the national interest

iPhone : 4. British businesses exporting to the EU don't know what to plan for which is why many support the UK remaining in a customs union
5. We still have no idea what our future relationship will be on security, foreign policy, data, approval of medicines and consumer safety

iPhone : 2. The Cabinet is still arguing over what kind of customs arrangements it wants with the EU
3. There is no workable proposal yet to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland

iPhone : Two years after the EU referendum what do we know?
1. The promises of the ‘easiest trade deal in history’, ‘we will hold all the cards’, ‘the exact same benefits’ and ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ have all foundered on the rock of reality

iPhone : Chief executive of Unipart, automotive group which employs 6000 people:

“If we barrel headlong towards a hard Brexit....I believe the British motor industry will find it very difficult to survive in the long term."


iPhone : They make Airbus wings in the north Wales plant. This is what an A380 wing looks like when transported by road. Then they go by special barge to a cargo ship for the journey to France. Highly-paid, high-skill jobs.

iPhone : Project Fear? No. This is what is happening after the Prime Minister decided to leave the customs union and the single market without a moment's thought for the consequences for jobs, investment and our economic future. Disastrous. twitter.com/thetimes/statu…