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iPhone : Operation Yellowhammer paper claimed “low risk of significant sustained queues at ports outside of Kent” under No Deal:

But I’ve been leaked DFT documents that show this is only because thousands of vehicles would be turned away for being “non-compliant”


iPhone : Rather than saying a majority Lib Dem govt (which won’t happen) will cancel Brexit, they should be making the case that a general election is not the way to resolve Brexit at all. A referendum is. They would do better focusing on that. 1/3

iPhone : Astonishing after all we’ve seen, millions using food banks, record homelessness and public services in crisis, the Liberal Democrats talk of “ tough choices” and want even more austerity. twitter.com/mattzarb/statu…

iPhone : We will put forward for the country a way to end this #Brexit mess - Lib Dem MP Chuka Umunna explains the partys new policy to cancel Brexit, if they win the next general election.


Get more here: po.st/jAO4Su

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Twitter Web App : May I introduce you to the Incredible Hulk. Today he is wearing his Harry Potter invisibility cloak...

Android : Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb has criticised the partys new stance to revoke Article 50 if it wins a general election - claiming a failure to compromise has led to rise of Farage and Johnson. theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/no…

Twitter Media Studio : Have you heard the news? The next Labour Government will bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers that our country has ever seen and introduce a new Ministry for Employment Rights.
Pass this on 👇

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Android : Today the Supreme Court meets to begin its judgement on whether the Edinburgh Court of Session was right to rule that Boris Johnson misled the Queen and unlawfully suspended Parliament.

If the Prime Minister loses, he must resign. His position will be untenable.

iPhone : No such thing as a clean break Brexit tricky Dicky. And he is being prevented by the false promises you and he made catching up on him. But good to see you have a new blame target being lined up for the next verse of the betrayal tune you so love to sing twitter.com/ticerichard/st…

TweetDeck : Working for Walthamstow Monday 16th September: Justice for Michelle, The Fate of the East London Credit Union, The Future of Whipps X- public meeting, Brexit Update, The Wonderful World of Walthamstow Podcast, Abortion in Northern Ireland Update.. ymlp.com/z7rvnS

iPhone : Delighted our historic city has secured £2m from Historic England to invest in architectural #heritage in #Leicester city centre streets including Granby St,High St and Church Gate. Follows successful Heritage Action Zone in Old Town. bit.ly/2mbco4W

iPhone : It’s #WorldPatientSafetyDay and patient safety will always be our priority. But an NHS struggling without the resources and staff it needs isn’t able to provide the save quality care patients deserve.

iPhone : Today marks the 75th anniversary of Operation #MarketGarden75 & the Battle of #Arnhem. A day to pay tribute to the service & sacrifice of all who served there.

They fought & died so we could live in freedom. We will forever be in their debt.


iPhone : “Boris was the superhero without any superpowers. Someone so delusional, he actually imagined that people believed he had a workable Brexit plan.”
Incredible Sulk morphs from green to yellow as he is bested by Bettel | John Crace on sublime form theguardian.com/politics/2019/…

iPhone : Translation: “They are sad that #Britain no longer wants to work with its friends & neighbours and they are exasperated with a government that doesn’t negotiate in good faith” twitter.com/douglascarswel…

iPhone : I find it illiberal and anti-democratic to turn your backs on over half of the population.

Labours Shami Chakrabarti on the Lib Dems new policy to cancel Brexit if they win the next general election. Its a pressure group position #r4today bbc.in/2AuRJN3

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iPhone : Do you want to make Tameside a secure, safe and sound place to live?

Join us on Thursday 26th September to find out about the Tameside Neighbourhood Watch family and how you can get involved #tameside #neighbourhoodwatch #safetameside

iPhone : Rather than saying a majority Lib Dem govt (which won’t happen) will cancel Brexit, they should be making the case that a general election is not the way to resolve Brexit at all. A referendum is. They would do better focusing on that. 1/3

Android : Astonishing after all we’ve seen, millions using food banks, record homelessness and public services in crisis, the Liberal Democrats talk of “ tough choices” and want even more austerity. twitter.com/mattzarb/statu…

iPhone : On Sky News Robert Buckland, justice secretary, has just said the Benn bill
“Forces the government to accept an extension if offered one”

“we will abide by the ruling of the courts....because we respect the rule of law”. On Benn loophole - “yet to be tested”

Twitter for iPad : Labour Campaign for Free Working WiFi and more elbow room on Cross-Country trains @labourbot

iPhone : The big court battle kicks off today...

Judges at the Supreme Court will be drawn into the constitutional clash between Prime Minister and Parliament. Two appeals to be heard regarding whether the government lawfully prorogued Parliament.

SocialFlow : Keeping the spark alive in a long-term relationship takes work. Therapists reveal how to rekindle the attraction you once felt toward your partner huffp.st/bVP8bTI

Twitter Web App : German designer, Luigi Colani, has died. He said he disliked German cars because they were so square. As you will, Herr Colani. #RIP

Twitter Web App : Liz Truss must provide a full account of why her department failed so miserably. If she cannot control her department, obey the law and do what is morally right, she should resign. - Barry Gardiner


iPhone : Great news that Jas has been shortlisted. If youre an Ilford South Labour member, I hope you support Jas to continue working hard & delivering for the area he loves! 👍🌹 twitter.com/Jas_Athwal/sta…

Twitter Web App : Join Simon on the Streets in our 20th year for our BIGGEST event of the year – Sleep with Simon! 👇eventbrite.co.uk/d/united-kingd…

Android : In the next few weeks, the establishment will come after us with all they’ve got - because they know were not afraid to take them on.

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iPhone : A graph and explanation of linguistic knowledge vs linguistic pedantry. *Updated* Sep 2019. #Pedantry #AntiPedantry #PedanticAntiPedantry

Android : From Stevie Wonder to the Beatles, the fantastic Fairfield Halls in Croydon has hosted many of Londons great cultural moments. Amazing atmosphere here tonight to re-open the beautiful new building, and to launch our #CreativeEnterpriseZone.

iPhone : Taking a walk on the wild side! 🐅
Our care experienced young people and their families enjoyed a brilliant day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Thanks to our funders @co_opfoundation

iPhone : Our Monday evening project has started, any year 9-10 or 11 from South Leeds wanting a taster in Hair/beauty, Mechanic’s or catering contact Donna @ dhall@hunsletclub.org.uk

iPhone : We were short of a podcast presenter today so, as a joke, I asked one our our interns (Tali Fraser) if shed like to step in - with no prep. She said yes. Here she is: audioboom.com/posts/7370513-…

SocialFlow : Some lovely weather this week....

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iPhone : Everything they said about LGB people in the 80s they are now saying about trans people.

They shouldn’t get to use our changing rooms

They’re doing it to abuse us

They’re not real women/men

They’re turning or kids gay

It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now. Be smarter.

iPhone : Community Farm Development Final Stages - Electrics & CCTV installed, flooring going in, sand being spread out within the pen ... a mini mountain 🏔 being built with rocks ... lots of activity with volunteers working loooong days & extremely hard to get the project completed.

iPhone : Nicky Morgan has said on Breakfast TV, just now, that the reason for the 5 week prorogation was to prepare for the Queen’s Speech. It obviously wasn’t. You don’t need parliament not sitting to prepare the speech. You need a few days to prepare the Lords chamber.

Twitter Ads Composer : The election of the next Speaker of the House of Commons will take place on Monday 4 November. Find out more about the role of Speaker: parliament.uk/business/commo…

iPhone : 361 young people visited the club on Saturday between 9am & 2pm. It’s fantastic to part of something that enables so many young people to have fun 💚💛

iPhone : If the Liberal Democrats win a majority under this system, then I think that will be a pretty clear mandate for us to stop Brexit.

Jo Swinson, the Lib Dem leader, defends the partys plan to revoke Article 50.

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iPhone : Spoke to our younger members tonight about #climatechange and what we can do to make a difference in #Leeds and their suggestions were brilliant. Will share with our older members who are doing a #climat change #campaign on a Friday. They want a voice #climateleeds. Child Friendly Leeds

iPhone : “We would welcome the opportunity to have a greater say in how local rail services are delivered but this significant responsibility must come with the associated powers and funding” Judith Blake responds to PM rail announcement westyorks-ca.gov.uk/all-news-and-b… #ConventionNP11

iPhone : Wonderful to have Guy Verhofstadt with us here at #LDConf. He reminds us that we can only defend our shared values and principles on an increasingly polarised world stage when we work together as a united front against forces that seek to divide us. #LDConf

iPhone : 1. The prayer vigil taking place at Parirenyatwa Hospital for the abducted Doctors Association President, Dr Peter Magombeyi has brought together not only doctors, but citizens from across all walks of life who are now fed up with the culture of abductions used by Government!

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Twitter for iPad : 🌍 Keep your eyes peeled 👀 - later this week we’ll be launching our new website sharing the work that Labour Councillors are doing to tackle climate change. We’ll be sharing best practice, campaign packs & materials, and blogs 🌍

Twitter Web Client : 📢Calling local artists📢

We have three shop units on Kirkgate that we would like to
display artwork in.

Do you have any work that you think would look good here?

Email city.centre.management@leeds.gov.uk for the briefing pack.

Twitter Ads Composer : At the latest count, 38% of EU/EEA people living in the UK have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme. Read our Insight to find out more about the scheme and who has applied bit.ly/2YdXQzC

Android : My heart 😭

This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him ❤️

We really dont deserve them.

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Twitter Web App : Clearly very fragile and conflicted. Just needs a tall ladder to climb down on twitter.com/A50Challenge/s…

iPhone : ‘People say things like “you don’t look sick” or “are you better yet?”, like I have a cold.

@kellyboyson on the difficulties of living with Ménière’s disease trib.al/bxiZpZM

Android : শুভ জন্মদিন বঙ্গবন্ধুর কনিষ্ঠ কন্যা শেখ রেহানা।
আপনি সাধারণ থেকে, অসাধারণ দৃষ্টান্ত স্থাপন করেছেন।


iPhone : If your children ever want to know how important a good education is, show them a Barack Obama speech and then show them a Donald Trump speech.