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iPhone : Earlier this morning I arrived in #Ghazni to assess the security situation in the province. During this visit, besides offering fateha prayers for the Ghazni martyrs, I met separately with the people, civilian and military officials of this province. #Afghanistan

iPhone : We express our condolences to the families and friends of the young Afghan students and teachers killed and wounded in the horrific attack today at the educational center in Kabul.

iPhone : With telecommunication blockage in Ghazni I dnt know how shd V inform #Naginas mother & 10s of mothers in villages that their childrens ll nt return.U have sent them here 2 prepare 4 University but as a surprise expect them in coffins.This war has taken alot from us.#KabulBlast

iPhone : As “next #Pakistan PM” Imran Khan takes oath in parliament, bodies of dozens of Pakistani citizens killed in #Ghazni arrive homes. Taliban FB pages have published videos of the funerals. These Lashakare Taiba men are mostly from Punjab fighting alongside Taliban. #Afghanistan

iPhone : Funerals of #Pakistanis who were killed in #Ghazi #Afghanistan are openly taking place in Pakistan. They even post it on social media

iPhone : Mr. Steven Ehrenberg said, "embroidery is the fifth most common occupation among Afghan women, employing an estimated 400,000 women". He adds that embroiders in Kabul earn 10,000 Afghanis ($200 USD) a month on average. FHI 360

iPhone : .FHI 360's Associate Director of Technology and Learning, Steven Ehrenberg, speaks of The Goldozi Project, aimed to upgrade the skills of & access to market info for 15,000 women embroiders in and around Kabul, increasing the commercial and export potential of their products.

iPhone : .USAID's Private Sector Team Lead- AFG's Office of Economic Growth, Mr. Chris Adams, presents #USAID's objective for the #India - #Afghanistan #Trade & #Investment Show in Mumbai: "use private sector-driven, export-led economic growth through employment, investments, and trade."

iPhone : Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib: "By enhancing the technical proficiency of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the Customs Department, USAID has helped increase the amount of revenue collected by the Government of Afghanistan by 21%"

iPhone : Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib: "Afghan traders signed $68 million USD worth of deals for high-value agricultural products, such as pomegranates, saffron, apples, apricots, melons, grapes, nuts, and cherries, as a result of their participation at a recent trade mission in New Delhi.

iPhone : USAID, Assistant to the Administrator- Office of AFG & PAK Affairs, Ms. Karen Freeman, speaks about the benefits of the trade relations between AFG & India. She congratulates the Afghan government for its commitment and cooperation in the trade

iPhone : Dr. Lee Hillings gave a presentation about the #FMIC’s work, the story of the hospital and the progress made in the healthcare sector in AFG. He shared success stories of how the institution has been able to save the lives of thousands of children.