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Bio National Security Advisor of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan | Former Afghan Ambassador to the United States
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iPhone : از مرکز سوق و اداره وزارت دفاع ملي بازدید کردم. با وزیر و همچنان قوماندانان در ولسوالی های مالستان و جاغوري صحبت کردم.
سربازان شجاع ما آماده دفاع از هموطنان خود هستند و حمايت قاطع نيز قواي هوایی به منطقه فرستادند.

iPhone : Thank you Pres Ashraf Ghani for your encouragement & trust in me personally & my generation as a whole. We are committed to leaving a legacy of peace, a more inclusive & sustainable one than before. We are proud of our country & determined to own & solve its problems & challenges twitter.com/NSCAfghan/stat…

iPhone : NSA @HMohib met with Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells. They discussed security, peace, regional cooperation on the fight against terrorism and regional trade. NSA Mohib thanked Ms Wells for US’s continued support to the ANDSF.

iPhone : Big news for Afghanistan! 16 points jump in one year in the World Bank’s Doing Business Indicator. Reforms have started to pay off. twitter.com/aahmady/status…

iPhone : "Our aspirations are to end this conflict and bring peace to Afghanistan. We are extremely proud of our country and what we have, but we also realise that the challenges we face are also ours", said NSA Hamdullah Mohib on @BBCHardtalk


iPhone : Congratulations to Idrees Zaman on his appointment as the Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs. His experience and research on peace in #Afghanistan will be criticle at this historical juncture as we try to bring peace and stability to our country.

iPhone : Fulfilled my democratic duty by voting today. Enemies of Afghanistan should know that their threats did not deter the Afghan people from determining our own future. Thanks to our brave ANDSF for protecting this critical national process. Long live Afghanistan! twitter.com/NSCAfghan/stat…

iPhone : د کندهار د ترهګریزې پېښې په اړه مطبوعاتي اعلامیه
۲۶ تلې ۱۳۹۷

ارګ – د ملي امنیت شورا دفتر

iPhone : اعلامیۀ مطبوعاتی در پیوند به رویداد تروریستی کندهار
۲۶ میزان ۱۳۹۷
ارگ - دفتر شورای امنیت ملی

iPhone : NSA Hamdullah Mohib hosted a working luncheon for Amb @realzalmaiMK, colleagues of @usembassykabul & @resolutesupport for senior leadership of MoI, MoD, NDS & IDLG to provide an overview & update on security, reforms, local governance, election preparation, peace & reconciliation efforts

iPhone : We will not allow our struggle for peace & stability to be cheapened by the prospect of profits. As a sovereign nation, we will consider all legal options against those who try privatize war on our land. GoIRA remains steadfast in its commitment to the fight against terrorism twitter.com/NSCAfghan/stat…

iPhone : In its heyday Balkh was larger than Paris, Rome, Beijing, or Delhi. Like all the great regional centers, it had running water, baths, and majestic palaces—and solidly built homes of sun-dried brick for non-palace dwellers. wilsonquarterly.com/quarterly/summ…

iPhone : It was a pleasure to welcome Secretary Mattis to ONSC for a discussion on the future of peace and security and the status of the South Asia Strategy. The Secretary assured us of the US’s enduring commitment to our partnership for a stable Afghanistan and a secure region.

iPhone : US, Afghanistan hold delegation-level talks: By Javed Hamim Kakar on 07 September 2018 KABUL (Pajhwok): Senior US and Afghan security officials on Friday thoroughly discussed issues concerning Afghan forces, the fight... read more dlvr.it/QjSK07

iPhone : Tonight President Ashraf Ghani will chair a special security session on the West of Kabul. Instructions have been issued this morning to security sector ministries to bring their plans of action. Special attention must also be paid to the security of Moharam and Martyr week.

iPhone : The enemies of Afghanistan want to divide us by religion, ethnicity and logistic groups. On behalf of the NUG I am personally committed to ensuring we secure our country by adopting a people centric policy to fight threats and bring peace and stability.

iPhone : Our people have suffered tremendously and the specific targeting of #Hazaras will not be tolerated. While I extend my sympathies and condolences to the victims and families, I know what they want is action to end this cycle of vicious attacks.