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iPhone : It was such a pleasure to sit down with Andy Sparks (Andy Sparks) and chat about writing and how his company (Holloway) can help you do something youve never done before:


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Buffer : Expertise can have a short shelf-life when things keep changing. Learning how to learn can sound trite, but the Navy thinks it's the future of work. via The Atlantic buff.ly/2LeQrgE

Twitter Web App : One way to model how work can be a container for your team to do their best work is to take time off yourself and encourage your team to do the same. hbr.org/2016/03/a-mana…

P.S. Andy Sparks is on vacation right now, so we mean it. 🙌 twitter.com/holloway/statu…

Buffer : Were looking for subject-matter experts like Osman (Ozzie) Osman to contribute to future Holloway Guides. Its an amazing opportunity, personally and professionally, to
1. Help others learn
2. Grow your professional network
3. Practice your writing skills

iPhone : 1. See failure as a beginning.
2. Never stop learning.
3. Assume nothing, question everything.
4. Teach others what you know.
5. Analyze objectively.
6. Practice humility.
7. Respect constructive criticism.
8. Take initiative.
9. Give credit where it's due.
10. Love what you do.

Twitter Web App : Remote people! Yes, you.

Got a question for you 🤓

What do you appreciate the most about remote work?

iPhone : Am presented with examples almost daily of what a high leverage activity creating and sharing high quality content is. It actually doesn't matter what you do. Twitter. Blog. Podcast. Video. Just do something. The doors it opens are just insane.

Buffer : Interesting rabbit hole: "What mastery can you offer?’ Ask that five times, and you’ll be surprised at, by the fifth time, and you’ve had to come up with four other answers, what kind of revelation you may have." - @chipconley on The Tim Ferriss Show buff.ly/2JG5LzD

Twitter Web App : The folks at Holloway are looking for a lead writer on their tech recruiting guide - jobs.lever.co/holloway/47646… - it's amazing opportunity to shape a fascinating document. I am even tempted to apply myself so get in first. :)

Buffer : .Caitlin Flanagan asked conference attendees, "Why HR has accomplished so little?" Their answer? "They don’t have power." Good breakdown of the problem with HR. buff.ly/2Lk4YaP

Buffer : We're looking to hire a lead author to help us make improvements to The @Holloway Guide to Raising Venture Capital. If you're interested, or know someone, let us know! buff.ly/2YQ6F3a

Buffer : Date nights being good for a relationship is hardly a revolutionary idea. But how often do you make time to get to know your co-workers or customers outside of a conference room? Ximena Garcia-Rada Ovul Sezer

iPhone : “Who you work with can be the difference between labor, irksome and unavoidable, and doing your best work, encouraging and supportive.” -Andy Sparks

This week’s Good Work by Holloway is on building and working with your team: holloway.com/s/good-work-ed… twitter.com/thogge/status/…

iPhone : I never really got “intentionality” until I discovered it meant “do things with conscious purpose (i.e. because you actually want to) instead of whatever random shit you happened to fall into”

Buffer : Good decisions:
- Have a clear owner
- That gets input from all stakeholders
- Who are seeking the truth

Bad decisions:
- Get tussled over
- That's dominated by the loudest members
- Who are trying to prove they're right

Brian Armstrong Coinbase buff.ly/2Ljn78I

Buffer : Having to choose between your kids and your job has never sat well with us, though it seems like an all-too-common narrative. It's great to read one where your kid knows you find your job fulfilling and that doesn't mean you don't love them, Lara Bazelon! buff.ly/32lJ6RR

Buffer : Often, our first reaction to conflict is to fight or run away. "How to Collaborate with People You Don't Like" has practical steps to handling challenging relationships. buff.ly/2YNYlAK

Buffer : We are big believers in the idea that each of us is responsible for our own education, which doesn't start and stop inside of a school. This is a good interview on the subject with Ravi Kumar S buff.ly/2S8HINW