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Bio Holloway publishes the best knowledge on navigating the challenges of modern work for all to find.
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Twitter Web Client : 1/ The Holloway team has been working on our Guide to Raising Venture Capital since 2017. Our goal is to enable you to learn what the experts know without 2,000 Google searches or buying 40 cups of coffee. Today, we shipped a big update to early readers. holloway.com/s/rn-rvc-e0_5

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Twitter Web Client : 7/ Now for the real building in public stuff. Once we built bookmarks for paragraphs of content, we wondered if people would want to bookmark links. Each Holloway Guide has hundreds of links. Check out our prototype. What do you think? holloway.com/s/rn-improving…

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Twitter Web Client : 6/ Were also going to start sharing release notes each time we ship a new feature. Today, were introducing bookmarks. Save any paragraph you find so you can return to and study up on it later. Read more here: holloway.com/s/rn-improving…

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Twitter Web Client : 4/ Each Guide is a monumental effort. Scoping the table of contents, writing drafts, coordinating experts for review and contribution, wrangling data for visualizations. This stuff is *hard work.* But we want to start doing more of it *in public* a la Ryan Hoover.

Twitter Web Client : 3/ We've spent a lot of the last year creating comprehensive, trustworthy guides on work-related subjects, like our Guide on Equity Compensation. holloway.com/g/equity-compe…

iPhone : Holloway - Identity & Logo Case Study

I worked with Andy Sparks and Joshua Levy to develop the Holloway mark. First version was inspired by the term Hollow Way or Sunken Lane, a very ancient road or pathways. Holloway creates the worlds best guides for complex issues.

Buffer : What is "The Substitution Myth?" It’s the belief that machines can take on tasks previously done by humans—that automation can be substituted for human action w/o any larger impact on the system in which that action occurs, except to +output. Read more → buff.ly/2CcM68b

Buffer : The Monocle Magazine Guide to Good Business is a $60 book. It’s a lot of cheddar for a book ( probably not for everyone). But it is beautiful, we appreciate the long list of folks who worked on this. H/T to brandon myint 🌊 for telling us about it. buff.ly/2JXmIJn

Buffer : The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero is an absolutely stunning digital presentation of a book. Not only is the experience impressive and beautiful, the content of the book is pretty darn good too. Thanks for being awesome, Frank. #GoodWork buff.ly/2WwswuS

Buffer : Many may be familiar with Give and Take by Adam Grant, but we recommend it as an essential read no matter what stage of your career you're at. He describes three reciprocity styles: givers, matchers, and takers. We look for givers. buff.ly/2CNiQVr