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Bio 52% of Horsham constituents voted for remain. This cross-party group is for residents of Horsham district, West Sussex, who believe people should have a vote.
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Android : It's remarkable to think that it's a foregone conclusion that the Met won't do their job in this case. We became a corrupt society so quickly we didn't even notice most of what was happening so irreversibly. twitter.com/BrexitInCourt/…

Android : Hardly dig for victory! Self imposed madness. What sane country in peacetime would intentionally put itself on a wartime footing with curfews, rationing & martial law planned. The reality of modern day #Britain... not WWII. Halt the #BrexitShambles. #Brexit #BlackHole #RevokeA50 twitter.com/sazmeister88/s…

Android : I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’ve done some questionable things in my time: but I’ve never tried to suspend Parliament, vote against a Deal negotiated by my own team, jeopardise Peace in Ireland, and refuse to negotiate with EU leaders until my demands are met 🧐🇪🇺

Android : How English nationalist Boris Johnson is turning UK into US ‘colony’ – Henry McLeish scotsman.com/news/opinion/c…

#FBPE #RevokeA50 #NotMyPM #unitetoremain #Indyref2 #Libdems #GreenUK #Resist #FBR #C4News #LeMonde #washingtonpost #BrexitCrimes #plaidcymru #leovaradkar #EU

Android : This really is more serious than most ppl realise. You dont have to be a scientist to understand that cutting funding to science means less new medicines, less new therapies and less new tech. Science saves lives and also improves the quality of them. Science needs protecting! twitter.com/doctor_oxford/…

Android : .Boris Johnson has today branded Remainers collaborators. Thats 53% of the country according to the poll of polls tweeted by Prof. Curtice tonight.

So heres a celebration of collaboration in and with the EU. Proud to be an EU citizen! #ComesWithEUMembership

Android : Before the #EUreferendum, the government flagged 3 versions of #Brexit. Which one did #Brexiters vote for? They didn’t. Each option wasn’t properly discussed, let alone on the ballot paper. Read Jon Danzig’s compelling arguments for a #PeoplesVote. Link: bit.ly/2Z8kEka

Android : Brexit=NHS gone
Brexit=50% Farms gone
Brexit=Motor Industry gone
Brexit- Meds shortages
Brexit=More food banks
Brexit=Massive jobloss
Brexit=Costlier holidays
Brexit=Weak pound
Brexit=USA Vassal state
Brexit=Loss of FoM, rights & protections
Brexit=More hours less pay

Android : 16th August 200 yrs ago
The Elite massacred 18 & injured 700 others when 80,000 marched at #Peterloo Manchester

Their crime - calling for the poorest people to be represented in their Parliament

The battle for the rights of the our citizens never ends
We must always be vigilant

Android : Imagine a country where leading politicians put the welfare of the country before their personal chances of becoming Prime Minister.

No, I can't imagine it either. It doesn't seem remotely realistic.

Android : Security Minister Brandon Lewis thinks his Conservative governments main policy will cost voters their jobs🤷‍♂️. (Chip in for posters at NoDealBrexit.info. Location: Salisbury)

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