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Twitter Web App : I can't speak for House, obviously - no one's written clever words for me to say - but I'm pretty sure he'd tell you it's not a matter of 'solving' Covid. This is an epidemic, not a diagnostic problem. We solve it together by staying apart.

iPhone : Thanks to those who’ve taken the trouble to tell me that decent pay and conditions for essential workers might be preferable to a bottle of something. Bigger thanks to those who knew that’s what I meant.

Twitter Web App : You may have strong feelings about Bill Gates, or TED talks, or salmon pink sweaters. Lay those aside for a moment. This was 2015.…

Twitter Web App : When this is over, what say we all pitch in and buy health care workers, couriers, hauliers, farmers, millers, grocers, bakers, sewage workers, power workers, teachers, fire fighters and police officers a bottle of something?

Twitter Web App : Chin up, everybody. This will work. However irksome it is for us, it's much worse for the virus. Picture the little bugger with its nose against the window, whining.