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Harsh Goenka

Bio Chairman - RPG Enterprises. Loves people, food, sports, art.
Location Mumbai
Tweets 12,1K
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Account created 12-05-2009 12:34:16
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Twitter for iPad : Vala Afshar Harsh Goenka With trick shots like these, the question of whether it is real or fake always comes up but it’s hard not to be convinced when it comes from the feet of a player like Messi or #MoSalah Trick Shot with Pepsi...

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Twitter for iPad : How to be a good boss:

1. Empower your team
2. Be interested in your colleagues’ success and well being
3. Be a good coach
4. Listen well
5. Be interested in their career development
6. Be clear about the vision
7. Be compassionate

iPhone : Robots have already surpassed human beings in calculation and memory, but a time may come when they will surpass in wisdom as well.

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iPhone : ⚽️🐐

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iPhone : There is a sense of innocence in the magic performance in our villages which I quite enjoy Prashant

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Twitter for iPad : A father told his young son, “ Be careful where you walk.”
The son responded, “You be careful, remember that I follow in your footsteps.”

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Twitter for iPad : Unconventional ways to challenge yourself:

1 Do a tough puzzle
2 Use your opposite hand
3. Talk with a stranger
4 Read a serious book
5 Leave your phone and observe the world
6 Write an article
7 Get over one fear
8 Quit a bad habit
9. Talk warmly to someone you don’t like.