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Bio Maths specialist, primary educator, leader & now a Masters student. Hirsch, Engelmann & evidence-informed curriculum and pedagogy for all.
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iPhone : Weve been keeping something special under our 🎩. Were now delighted to reveal the first books in a major new series with researchED. Four out in September, two to follow in November, and more to come. Game changers. johncattbookshop.com/books/the-rese…

iPhone : "Unfortunately for the protesters and petitioners, the Toronto Public Library will not be canceling the event, and I will continue to speak the truth in the face of threats, slander, harassment, ostracization, and actual hate speech," writes Meghan Murphy


Twitter Web App : Sean Powell You know what would be great to develop: the maths equivalent of systematic synthetic phonics (CMC a good basis, but without the writing bit) for nursery and reception year. You could document & include a canon of maths songs - settings currently do this, but in an adhoc way

Twitter Web App : Another reason I am happy to read about the DfE taking over is because I think the baseline could be developed to include key metrics around habits and dispositions, whether pupils have core knowledge of stories, rhymes etc. The potential is huge.

Twitter Web App : This is because the school in a disadvantaged area needs to direct resources to those children who are way behind on entry and in straightened times, this requires a test with individual data results (which the trial does not provide)

Twitter Web App : Firstly, the current trial is going to be biased towards schools that have the additional manpower to run a baseline check that doesn't give back individual data. Schools in disadvantaged areas will either not take part, or will have given up because they need to run their own

Twitter Web App : James Theobald It's merely an extension of a genre of tweets designed to self-promote. Last couple of years my timeline has filled with primary bods tweeting pics of children sat in trees, on beaches with quotes about kindness etc. I miss the days when I was a male secondary maths teacher.

Twitter Web App : A great job and a great person to work with. Do have a cup of (Earl Grey) tea with Sean if you're a) in the area and b) at one with the numbers twitter.com/splmaths/statu…