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Bio The IAEA is the 🌍s centre for cooperation in the #nuclear field, promoting the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technology.
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Twitter Media Studio : Scientists are catching and testing bats 🦇 for diseases like #Ebola using nuclear-derived techniques.

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Twitter Media Studio : Experts are going to discuss how to build a sustainable workforce and knowledge in the nuclear industry. Get your voice into the conversation. Submit by 31 January.

iPhone : Call for Papers❗️

Submit abstracts for International Atomic Energy Agencys International Conference on the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in Industry by:

🗓️28 February

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iPhone : Yesterday, we opened the🚪of our operational area to the participants of the 1st meeting on the effective use of dose projection tools in the preparedness and response to #nuclear and #radiological emergencies.
Want to know what they learned? 👉

Twitter Media Studio : Nuclear science can make ☕ #coffee taste good - it’s all about keeping the beans safe! Wondering how? Watch the 📽

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Twitter Media Studio : More than half of cancer patients get #radiation treatment. It can eliminate tumors and save lives. We help specialists ensure this treatment stays safe & effective. Learn how:

iPhone : WATCH👀: International Atomic Energy Agency breaks down nuclear waste in just ✌️minutes.

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Twitter Media Studio : X-rays and radiation can help uncover hidden details in art and cultural artefacts.

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Twitter Media Studio : Learn about #nuclear research reactors and how scientists use their neutrons for research, medicine, and even checking for food fraud.

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Twitter Media Studio : 🏭 Curious about how industrial processes can benefit from peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology?
Head over to to learn more. #SDG9

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Twitter Web App : What are dose projection tools? 🧰
They can estimate radiation doses & help to prepare for and respond to #nuclear or #radiological emergencies. This week, International Atomic Energy Agency staff and experts are meeting for the 1st time to discuss their effective use. 👉

Twitter Media Studio : Cape Town almost became the first major city in the 🌍 to run out of water. Learn how #nuclear science is helping them prevent another crisis.

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Twitter Media Studio : Would you like to work with us?
During our next webinar on 29 January, our HR staff will show you how a typical interview is conducted and provide examples of questions you may be asked during an interview.

Twitter Media Studio : Learn how new radiopharmaceuticals — medical drugs containing radioactive material — such as Lu-177-DOTATATE work and how they can improve treatment for certain types of cancer: