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Bio Studying Psychologist. Live Events & Brand Partnerships Specialist - Staging music artists - Bringing brands together. Like ☕️
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Android : David Leitch looking forward to seeing #HobbsandShaw Dave.
Be sure to add some motorcycles in the action 🛵.... (sorry couldn't find a motorcycle emoji)

Twitter Web Client : Happy #MondayMorning 🙂
Welcome to the world of #Uber #Amazon and #deliveroo drivers that constantly race up and down your roads with no consideration to how they park their vehicles 🚗🛵🚲 ...... Drones next!

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Android : Just in time for when I upgrade my S7 to a #GalaxyWing or #GalaxyS10 😉👍
Due 2019 Galaxy S8 and #GalaxyS9 could get the #android upgrade #Samsung fans have been waiting for.…

Android : Nadia Essex Now you've been discovered to be sending abusive messages online hopefully you have learnt how to respond, reply or ignore social media even when you feel your being attacked.
If it's someone you know - take the conversation off social media 👍

Android : Is the worldwide #MeToo campaigns going to ruin our historic films?
The #snowWhite kiss and even giving your kids a kiss while they sleep ~ what shows love and comfort is now being campaigned to be "Sending The Wrong Message" 👎💋…

Twitter Web Client : #ThursdayThoughts
My #Barber is great ....BUT
.... when he has finished cutting my hair and asks Do you need your eyebrows trimming or ears done
I think WHAT! Are you saying Im a bit bushy - a little hairy?
So I walk away feeling a little #paranoid 🙃

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LinkedIn : Is it true that Companies that use wearable #fitness tools have lower #healthcare costs? Their employees can battle depression and lose weight. Has it worked or is it better to have health and well-being group and individual sessions without the tech?

Twitter Web Client : First the #Yorkie Bar now the tissues.
What is shouted when a person falls 'over board' in the water there days? 😵…

Android : #TheApprentice Lord Sugar
What a bunch of clueless individuals.
The show should be called The Clueless 🍩🍩

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Android : #TuesdayThoughts
Close the door behind
Move forward to a positively great future 😉❤️

Android : Jeremy Vine On 5 Channel 5
#JeremyVine #Tax
How much #NHS money is spent on people who over indulge in food because they don't look after their #HEALTH?
Maybe taxing those via reduced benifits or refusing surgical procedures till they are educated and of avarage weight 🍔🍕🍺

Android : Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan We don't like pushchairs so I used baby carrier's for both my girls.
It gave me closeness with my girl and left my wife hands free to swing her handbag.
It's easier to negotiate around crowds and it may of helped both my girls walk at 9 months old 😉👍

Android : The #Samsung Galaxy X pre-orders will be like trying to buy a #Glastonbury TICKET.
But would it be 5G enabled? 😜