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iPhone : 1/I rarely address you directly jack however this time it's different. The meeting you had with the current President, whether you believe it or not, legitimizes the methods he uses on twitter. These methods include targeted harassment and abuse that results death threats

iPhone : last week i got to witness an engineering department lose a full day's work because if you put an emoji in a git commit message, Atlassian Bamboo chokes on it forever and you're forced to rebase master, like you should NEVER DO. this was of course referred to as The Emojiency

iPhone : Dany looking at Jon when the horn was sounded: #gameofthrones

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iPhone : Having seen misinformation spread rampant in India via FB/WhatsApp, I understand why Sri Lankan govt shutdown social media following horrific bombings. These companies have lost trust of many countries in belief they can manage their platforms effectively:…

iPhone : The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.

iPhone : My friend’s dog, Max, finally caught its tail, and then didn’t know what to do with itself anymore.

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iPhone : The severity of this misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States.

iPhone : Excited to launch a redesign of ACLU’s Know Your Rights guides, rewritten as scenario-specific advice on what to do when your rights are violated:…

iPhone : The Trump administration posted an unsearchable pdf of the Mueller report so it would be harder for you to read.

We made it easier. Here’s a searchable version:…

iPhone : Were headed to the Supreme Court next week to protect the 2020 census.

Heres everything thats wrong with the citizenship question — in the time it takes for Ike Barinholtz to ride an elevator:

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