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iPhone : 'As of this morning 900 NHS front-line staff have been tested and we will be rapidly expanding that'
-Dominc Raab

-The NHS employs 1.5m people


iPhone : Glyn Gillard Tom Harwood Melvin Westgate You can use your own common sense. When you have to get patient family permission to report their family member’s death it’s going to add time to the process. And if they don’t give permission they will not appear at all.

You ought to be able to understand that.

iPhone : Glyn Gillard Tom Harwood Melvin Westgate It will be. But the major flaw with British reporting that other countries are not going through is only reporting the deaths who’ve had family consent.

This is a huge problem and will serve to 1) under report cases entirely 2) add latency between deaths & reported deaths.

Twitter Web App : Ruth Arnold Yes love to you and the fam too. Sounds like Derbyshire police drones are currently protecting your neck of the woods from potentially infected ramblers, so that's some relief perhaps haha. X

Twitter Web App : Go to our existing bank Santander. Makes sense. Except according to Santander we dont have the right kind of business account with them to apply for a CBILS loan. But we might be eligible for a 25k overdraft. We spend around 25k per week. #CBILS not delivering so far rishisunak

Twitter Web App : No word from local funder yet.

Went to Natwest on our MAs recommendation. Not currently taking loan applications from companies who arent already their business customers. #CBILS #ukbusiness

iPhone : The more the merrier. We could do with some of that sweet medical aid from Cuba too. twitter.com/corbynistateen…

iPhone : I don’t think people are digesting the fact that our President did NOTHING to stop coronavirus and is now saying 200,000 deaths would be a success.

It arrived in South Korea ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY as the US, they took it very seriously and in total only *158* people have died.