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iPhone : Jessica Hische Oh my... perfectly captured. My wife and I were just talking about this exact same thing in the context of how far we’ve made it in life.
Tho, I still can’t find the courage to spend money on brunch!!!

iPhone : In a comeback for the history books, Tiger Woods win his first Masters in,,, ummm...WHO gives a sh*t???
Winter. Is. Here. #GOT

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iPhone : In over a year of working at Monzo I have never heard anyone

- say bad things about a colleague behind their back
- blame a failure on an individual

We say “be hard on problems, not people”. It’s easy to be an asshole. The real challenge is acting with kindness and compassion.

iPhone : "There's open disdain for CSS and HTML which make websites possible... ...This attitude has lead to a sole preference for JavaScript, which has created a brittle, slow, and inaccessible web that is failing to serve the public the way it should."


iPhone : 🔥 Dirk Nowitzki scores the first 10 Dallas Mavericks points! #MFFL

📺: nba.app.link/e/kjbSWaXKGT

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iPhone : The National's new video for "Light Years" features footage from the album’s corresponding film, I Am Easy to Find from director Mike Mills (20th Century Women) and starring Alicia Vikander. cos.lv/3UuV50p6VPa

iPhone : Can you make the CTA button more obvious? is like the web design version of Can you make the logo bigger? 🤔 Here are a few ideas.
@Codepen: codepen.io/oliviale/full/…

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