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iPhone : in a complex social system, there can be a conspiracy without conspirators

the emergent behavior of a system sometimes looks like a highly coordinated conspiracy, even if no one is actually pulling strings at the top

we don’t have good language to talk about this phenomenon

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iPhone : WTF moments in startupville: A thread.

Dont look at these if youre currently struggling to raise funds.

Theranos 💉
Founded: 2003
Known for: Convincing the world that all kinds of diagnostics can be read from one drop of blood.

Raised: $400 million +
Status: Deceased

iPhone : Jessica Hische Oh my... perfectly captured. My wife and I were just talking about this exact same thing in the context of how far we’ve made it in life.
Tho, I still can’t find the courage to spend money on brunch!!!

iPhone : In a comeback for the history books, Tiger Woods win his first Masters in,,, ummm...WHO gives a sh*t???
Winter. Is. Here. #GOT

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