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Android : The team behind the amazing cutscenes from the OK KO! game made a new short! Check out EXIT 73 Studios's FLEX CALIBUR! youtube.com/watch?v=HjJcMw…

Android : We absolutely made a holiday episode! But I sincerely have no idea when/if it'll air. Stay tuned! 🌽🎅 twitter.com/CJHuaman94/sta…

Android : Sad news. RIP Stan! I hope his final MCU cameo is definitive proof that he's a Watcher. twitter.com/CBR/status/106…

Android : 11/11(日)11:15~「OK K.O.! めざせヒーロー」のNewエピ「イニドの理解者」をOA!

「OK K.O.!」を家中どこでもタブレットで見るなら!→cartoonnetwork.jp/c/HXEY

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Android : SketchCarney "Blatant" in what way? I don't mind what you vote for and I never use my Twitter to advocate for my personal leanings. It's a call to participate in our democracy