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Bio You cant separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless they have freedom. Malcolm X #NewGreenDeal #WaterisLife #FixFlint #BernieBeatsTrump
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Twitter Web App : Bernie with a bullhorn in the back of a pickup truck is the content we all crave. #1u…

Twitter Web App : Big crowd at the Bernie Sanders rally in #Louisville today. Check out wave3news at 6 and 11 for the story!

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Twitter Web App : Bernie Sanders is in Louisville today to join striking AT&T workers on the picket line and hold a rally outside the Muhammad Ali Center:

Twitter Web App : Mr President - Greenland is not for sale. But Denmark has a much better deal for you! Watch this. #dkgreen #dkpol

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Twitter Web App : Jesse Watters left his wife and the mother of his twin girls last year after having an affair with this then 25-year-old junior employee on his show who had to be transferred to another show due to Fox News’ sexual harassment policies, but ok.…

Twitter Web App : The Washington Post currently has 4 editorials and op ed devoted to denouncing Bernie Sanders climate plan.

Twitter Web App : John Delaney President Oscar is so exhausted by your sad campaign, and by taking over every one of your tweets, that even while laying down for his morning nap, he will still ratio you to hell.

Once again, Oscar will get more likes and retweets than your busted ass tweet.

Oscar 2020 🔥

Twitter Web App : “We are not a red state. We are not a coal state. We are a state that has been bought out for too long. And we don’t need to hand over our future to a wealthy few that don’t care if we live or die.” - Erin Bridges 🌅 🔥🔥🔥

Twitter Web App : i’d rather be uncivil and advocate to end wars than be civil and justify more of them.

Twitter Web App : Capitalism and white supremacy are burning the Earth. Most people don't care. The DNC refuses to even host a debate on the climate. Humans, what is wrong with us? If the end game is the end of the world, we are right on track.

Twitter Web App : Mitch McConnell: You need to explain to the people of Kentucky why you believe that we should do nothing to stop Russia from interfering with our elections. Stop obstructing legislation to protect our democracy.

Twitter Web App : Sen. Bernie Sanders: I say here in Kentucky to Sen. McConnell--stop blocking legislation from coming to the floor of the Senate... Stop your cowardice. Have the guts to debate the issues.

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Twitter Web App : Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the #Rohingya crisis. #RohingyaGenocideDay

➡️Systematic discrimination
➡️Targeted violence

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Twitter Web App : Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) Public Information Officer indirectly confirmed the use of sock puppet accounts for investigations, saying the MPD

“uses social media for intelligence gathering and investigative purposes”…