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Bio You cant separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless they have freedom. Malcolm X #NewGreenDeal #WaterisLife #FixFlint #BernieBeatsTrump
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Twitter Web Client : Small detail but something I think is great. Bernie Sanders has never worn a tuxedo in his life. Not his thing.

When he went to the WH Correspondents Dinner in 2016, he didn't wear a tux and it caused controversy. Good! 😂……

Twitter Web Client : Gov. Jay Inslee: I believe the President as weve seen his comments in the last two weeks is forcing the U.S. Congress to bring impeachment proceedings, to give them no choice.

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Twitter Web Client : Well damn. That's how it's done.

Lee Carter (a Democratic Socialist who won in a red district in Virginia) went on MSNBC and crushed their "scary socialism" narrative.

More Lee Carters please.

Twitter Web Client : Current weather conditions (-NAO pattern) have resulted in the first major Greenland Ice Sheet surface melt event of the summer

More information:…
MARv3.9 model:…

Twitter Web Client : Big changes near Nioghalvfjerdsfjordens calving front are alarming.

Blue ice, hot air, hot water, less snow, hotter ice, low albedo.

Beautiful pictures...

Same anomalous heat at Jakobshavn Glacier, Petermann Glacier, Zachariae Isstrom, Kangerlussuaq glacier & Helheim Glacier.

Twitter Web Client : If you put this in Idiocracy people would have thought it was over the top. The future is now - we live in a dystopian society where the man-child president tweets things like this. #25thAmendmentNow…