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twisted in refrain, the same
again, again with
no end; only refrain, again
grueling game of
longing in an
endless endeavor of
determination's pride

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and so it was
reflected in your eyes;
rearing, lashing out, an
array of vitriol in
your helpless eyes

Android : But you said tomorrow?!?! And
I was so looking forward to
stopping at the bistro for
ridiculously sick
orange marmalade?!?!

#bistro #vss365 #acrostic

Android : So the reality is, your calloused, compassionlessness is a joke.

Even exposed, you remain obtuse.

Nothing dissapoints me more than your insentiant soul.

Thanks for nothing.

I cant

even begin to understand how

nothing matters to you.

#vss365a #sentient #acrostic

Android : filling his delusion, with possible, sustained

on anticipations fog, he began

gasp... absent reciprocations
warm embrace

#acrostic #vss365

Android : the dissolution of my resolve churns cockles as berated
blood spoils the vintage of my conviction...waiting is the sorrow of my existence now


Android : born with clean clear slate
or some say predestined fate
repenting from birth and sin
needing washing, bathing skin
arriving anew into this land
God reaches out his hand
and souls are saved who hold
in this image a life to unfold
now is the time to have faith

#acrostic #vss365