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Google : I liked a YouTube video Why I AVOID Index Funds & ETFs (Dividend Investing With Individual Stocks)

Android : Awesomeness runs in the family. #HappyFathersDay #Minions

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Android : 8YO/12YO: HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

12YO: What do you want the most?

Me: For you two to treat each other and your mother kindly. To have patience and be slow to anger, quick to forgive.


8YO: What’s the second most?

Twitter Web Client : Weight Loss journey prequal, striving for energy, motivation, and health via YouTube #weightloss #energy #motivation #health #healthyeating #fasting #weightlossmotivation #vegaterian #vegaterianism #juicing #juicingfast

Google : I liked a YouTube video How To Invest Into the S&P500, DOW JONES NASDAQ with an ETF via Etrade (6 mins)

Android : My 3yr old has been crying for 2 hours because she ate all of her dinner but didn’t get ice cream...We’re all out of ice cream.

She won’t shut up...

It’s 9:25pm and I’m driving to pick up ice cream...

For those of you out there thinking about having unprotected sex tonight...

Android : You kids these days don’t know how good you have it. In my day, you could beat Bowser in level 9 on Super Mario AND knock out Mike Tyson, but no one even knew because YouTube didn’t exist yet.

Android : One of he #kids got #stung by a #bee yesterday thought his a #helpful #tip #beesting #helpfultip

Android : New song Smells Like Mistakes comes out June 29th, will be available on Apple Music Spotify and all other streaming platforms. Release party on June 30 @thestudyhollywood

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