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Twitter Web App : and i said “i’m with you til the end of the line” you know, like a liar…

Twitter Web App : here is college edition lwj!! i def had to reference that bEAUtiful ,,, fashion collab model so ,,, there he is skskdjsksj lwj is an english/music double major trying to go to law school !! ps wwx is trying to go into bioengineering :,,,,)

#MoDaoZuShi #art

Twitter Web App : college AU for mdzs!!! i like to think that wei wuxian is a chem music double major and he carries travel sized sriracha with him!! will finish lwj later but i got rly excited about this AU LOL

#MoDaoZuShi #weiwuxian #art

Twitter Web App : Anyone else a lil tired of the straight™ relationships in media being explicitly shown on screen while queer relationships are always “up to your interpretation :)” and “what u believe is true to u :)” and “we didnt feel the need to state it onscreen :)”

Twitter Web App : I'm still weeping with laughter over xie Lian going "WHO THE FUCK GAVE ME THIS FLOWER" and huahua going "...could be another believer. It might not be me, the only other person around for miles"