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Android : To my future partner I will be your number 1 supporter... expect that I will always be there in your victory and downfall, I’ll ready my hanky to wipe your tears and cheer u up when you’re sad, laugh with you during happy moments and keep you smiling everyday. Bear with me pls.

Looking for someone or couple to take cum challenge reno I love to see women get off

‏‏في القلب ِ شيء لا يموت . . كجذور الأرض الممتدة في عمقها توحي بالحياة . . ربيّ أجعل ما نمْضيّ اليه أجمْل مِن ما مضى♥️

Android : I just unlocked the Italy pack on #wordtrip. Download from playsimple.in/trip/?g=tw&l=9: & use my code so we both get 100 coins!

Android : Sharing this because Im super happy!! Left: taken before my surgery a year ago.
Right: taken shortly before I found out that I have a NORMALLY functioning heart after 6yrs! As you can see I was happy then too, so imagine how ecstatic I am now! Message: keep pushing through ✊🏽

UnlimApps Inc : Im using WhatsApp ++ ++ for iOS by UnlimApps to add new features to WhatsApp ++! beta.unlimapps.com/share/com.free…